Wind Chill…No chill

Wind Chill…No chill

Workout Date:





One Call, Bling, Rousey, Crankbait, High Interest, Franklin, Spork, Sunshine, Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: Cold & Windy

YHC felt the low temp combined with the bone chilling wind this morning & knew he would have to move this beatdown to warmer parts of the AO. The Honda was loaded with 5 coupons of various weights & headed to the AO. Upon my arrival at the top the parking garage I was greeted by security & after some friendly banter I was “allowed” to leave the coupons for 1 hour.

YHC arrived in the parking lot to see the PAX smiling in the bitter cold. Always good to see friendly faces.

1 minute warning (as I came running in)



It’s cold mosey to the parking garage!

As the PAX crossed the bridge Onecall showed off his “Ninja Skills” with a  John Woo style shoulder roll under the wall of a tent that seemed to be set up for us. The rest of the “non ninja” PAX used the open side of the tent to enter. From there we began the COP.


SSH x 25

IW x 25

Squats x 25

Merkins x 25 OYO

Mosey to the Parking Garage

The PAX started with 11’s

Diamond Merkins & Jump Squats at the top of the first parking deck. Sunshine joined somewhere during rd 5.

Stretch walk to the top of the covered parking area. Bear crawl to the top of the parking deck. The PAX partnered up for some DORA work with coupons that had been placed there earlier. Partner 1 picked a coupon went to the first floor via the stairs & did the designated exercise. Partner 2 did the an exercise AMRAMP until partner 1 returned with the coupon to switch exercises.

Round 1

Partner 1 Merkins x 10

Partner 2 Big Boys

Round 2

Partner 1 Burpees x 5

Partner 2 Squats

Round 3

Partner 1 Mountain Climbers x 20

Partner 2 SSH

Friendly Mosey back to the shovel flag.

Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Announcements: You know the deal.

Prayers: Spoken & Unspoken

TAPs to our boys doing the Grow Ruck.

Mole Skin:

Warthog is my home & my favorite AO. It’s an honor to be able to lead this group of men. Everyone gave it their all today & in the words of one of my favorite coaches “I’m not asking you for anything you don’t have. I’m asking you for all that you got.” JW. Great push men!


“Who’s gonna carry the boats?” DG












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