Work Hard, Karaoke Harder

Work Hard, Karaoke Harder

Workout Date:





CrankBait, SkidMark, Boxcar, Flatliner, Rubber, HotTub, Bugfett

The Thang:

Weather: A lovely 61 with low fog.

Start time called at 5:30 to began warm up.

20 SSH, 20 TTT, 20 IW, 10 BigBoy AC, 10 BigBoy AC(rev), 10 OHP, 20 Tempo Squats. Moseyed on over to big lot and snakes around to the concession stand/announcers booth.

The Good Stuff: B.O.M.B.S. Those of you who have posted to the Buffett Q’s in the past know my love for this one. 50 Burpees, 100, OverHead Claps, 150 Merkins, 200 BBSitups, 250 Squats. We partnered off by twos, to share in the misery. While one PAX exercised, the other Karaoked around the baseball field fence line and switched up left vs. right half way around. All PAX planked on the 6 before starting the next exercise. Called a recovering 10 count, then moseyed over to the ‘Dark Corner’ for sprints and core. 30 yd sprint with 50 2- count Flutters and 30yd sprint back, plank on the 6. Next, 60 yd sprint followed by 100 LBC’s and 60 yd sprint back. Finally, we have it all we had to sprint the length of the AO’s backside, then back to Circle Flag. Called time. COR, NOR, announcements: 3rd F recap from night prior, Carolina Forest Elementary dad’s day event, awesome EH opportunities with the Gun/Man Show, Fitness Expo prior to  the Mich Ultra Myrtle Beach Marathon, and CFE event. Closed with a COT prayer to include all F3 brothers, Ms, 2.0s, Rubber’s work challenges, and all those with struggles. Help our F3 brethren be a guiding light as Christ is for us all.

Pleasure to serve a fine group of gentlemen.

All got better.

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