Work was done on every level

Work was done on every level

Workout Date:





Viagra (respect), Chicken little, Beaker, Weasel, Manziel

The Thang:

O Dark 30 – The beautiful gloom is back – it’s still dark at endex I love it
69 tad humid = perfect

I personally have been enjoying the mild humidity, I sweat no matter what the temp is but this humidity has been helping me sweat out extra calories.
I am expecting our AO to grow even more than we ever have with the solid dudes we have at the helm, Chicken Little has just taken the Timeshare reigns, allowing viagra & myself a break, Weasel’s been weasel shaking, the newest fng’s will begin posting more as I keep tabs on them. We will be launching more AO’s trying to stretch across the waterway with at least 1 to shorten the drive for some of the potential FNG’s.
The Edge ruckers will grow as soon as Quicksand gets back from his sabbatical in florida!

05:10 arrived with Chicken little planting the flag
Weasel, Manziel, Viagra contemplating the pain to come i guess
5:14 1 min warning= Beaker rolled in just in time for a quick stretch

05:15 TIME! Disclaimer properly addressed

SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
Plank it up for an achilles heel stretch right over left ETC.!
While in the plank 22 Merkins for 22 kills
LBAC FWD & REV x 20 OYO – Chicken little noted a lexion mention on the silent counting IC isn’t advised as no ends well

MOSEY = Grab the flag
TO the Avista park Garage

0 ground level
Wall sit OHP x 20 IC
10 Burpees OYO

1st Level
20 Merkins
Run backwards to 2

2nd Level
30 American Hammers IC
Run forward to 3

3rd Level
40 Knee press to concrete exercise I don’t remember the name but brings the BURN on the quads
Run Backward to 4

4th Level
50 Big Boys = plenty of mumblechatter i think weasel did 40
Run forward to 5

5th Level
60 Flutters 2 count!
Run Backward to 6

6th Level
70 seconds of BALLS to the Wall! LOTS of mumblechatter
Run Forward to 7

7th Level
80 Mountain climbers
Bear crawl to next level
Crawl Bear to the next level

8th Level
Dora = Partner Pax runs to lower level & back while other works on the exercise
50 squats
100 LBC’s
150 Shoulder Taps

Run to the bottom
Indian Run Back

05:59 Arrival – 10 Count

Count O Rama
Name O Rama
Announcements = 10 year anniversary this weekend, Check slack engage with slack
EH the dudes youve been working on

Praise on Chicken Little new job counting the beans at Bank of America & Manziel new drone job taking off

Prayed out by YHC

Honor to Lead

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