working the corners early in the morning……

working the corners early in the morning……

Workout Date:





Pikachu, Skimmer, Bling

The Thang:

Catapult- 1/14/20

weather- a stupid 68 and humid, this is ridiculous.

when Rousey asked me to Q last week, I grabbed 1/14 without thinking what was on TV the night prior!  Of course I stayed up to watch the wrong Tiger team win- oh well!

still the alarm went off, got up and made my way over to Catapult.  This is supposed to be “an easier workout” for those PAX mending up and getting used the the normal beatdowns.  I blame Flop and Rousey for turning this into a normal beatdown!

pulled in hot at 0525, saw Pikachu and Skimmer talking (probably about me being late), grabbed the 40 pound sandbag out of the car and met them for the 30 second warning!  after staring at Pikachu’s new truck for a few seconds, we got started at the corner of the square.  Away we go.

mosey to the 1st corner- LBAC front and back 15 IC.  20 tempo squats IC

mosey to 2nd corner- 20 SSH IC, 20 IW IC

mosey to 3rd corner- 20 hoe downs IC, 15 TTT IC

Avoid the trash man and grab a coupon from the pile- back to the 1st corner to start again around the block.

1st corner- 20 merkins, 20 squats w/ block, 20 flutters (2 count w/ block). Mosey with block to 2nd and each corner thereafter.

2nd corner- increase reps to 25 per

3rd corner- increase reps to 30 per

4th corner- increase reps to 35 per.  great work dudes, that 4th corner was tough.

Drop blocks- rest walk to 1st corner, mosey to 2nd, walk to 3rd, mosey to 4th back to blocks.

2nd round- Curls, triceps, LBC- all with blocks.  20, 25,30,35 reps per corners again.  smokefest 2020!

drop off blocks at pile, make our way back to AO.  just enough time for 2 rounds with the 40 pound bag.  10 squats with bag per, 10 overhead press with bag per.  TIME!

great push by these guys!

Announcements and prayers- OUT


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