Workout Eclipsed

Workout Eclipsed

Workout Date:





Bubbles (R) Snips (R), Baggage (R), Squirt, Spinal Tap, Pikachu Co-3Rd FQ QIC

The Thang:

Well I missed yesterdays rocket launch but I didn’t miss the eclipse. The warmup definitely suffered and prolonged the warmup. 5:16 was a Total eclipse and made sure all the Pax were looking at the Eclipse. That’s more important than the warm up. I kept focus on the eclipse all morning so it was fun to watch during the workout. Definitely had to wrangle the Pax back in a Bubbles was doing imperial walkers for like 10 minutes straight. He was into the eclipse and mumble chatter. Lol

One Minute Warning


15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 10 Ea LBACF,R, Big Arm Circles forward/reverse & 15 SSH

  1. Mosey to rear parking lot to find some grass. Wanted to bring the sliders to Warthog. So 150 front chest/core single straight arm sliders. P2 mosey to a chosen light pole
  1. 200 Sand Humpers, mosey to chosen light pole 
  1. 150 chest/core sliders, left them right side. Short mosey to curb across parking lot. Quick chest burner. 
  1. Told pax I had a special treat since we had 10 minutes left. Mosey to picnic benches. 100 elevated tricep dips. 


Count 4


Announcements Convergence next month, Operation Christmas child 25 shoe boxes as a region. Plantation lakes Turkey trot, Bling 5k in Carolina Forest. 

Prayers Snips family needs your prayers