Workout escalation

Workout escalation

Workout Date:





First Base, O’douls, Single Barrel, Skimmer, Hojo, Pikachu (CP AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 58 and perfect

So originally Brownbag hopped on the Q sheet this month, but due to a few health issues we needed a fill in. Brownbag reached out on Slack and no PAX in the GrandStrand stepped up to help a brother out. Kind of surprising for sure. I mean I see certain Pax in the Grandstrand hop on the Warthog Q sheet without being asked but oh well. We’ve got a solid group of awesome men that are dedicated and can easily adapt on the fly. So I told the Pax we didn’t have a Q and O’douls stepped right up and we Co-Q this bad boy.


15 Harry Rockettes IC, 30 SSH (O’douls being a jerk), 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 IW IC, Garbage truck so let’s go get a block and finish this in the large parking lot. 10 IC Each, LBAC, F,R,Seal Claps, OHC.

Pikachu – Partner Up

150 Squats with a twist, Heels on sidewalk and toes on asphalt, P2 mosey to grass at long end of parking lot

Move blocks to fence

O’douls – Partner up and change partners.

200 Curls, P2 mosey to end of parking lot.

Pikachu –

Piakchu Merkins – one Hand on block,  straight out and Merkin with opposite hand. 5 each side go for a long mosey

7 Pikachu Merkins and mosey a lap around concession. To front of church. Mumble chatter at this point was Calling me an Angry Elf and well it was full on slam Pikachu mode so I’ll fix this.

New Exercise created by Pikachu/Spork on Saturday

Bear Crawl Ball Tickler

Pax hold plank between overhang column and feet on ledge in front of church, one at a time Pax bear crawl below pax holding plank and re plank on the next column until all Pax cycle through. Single Barrel was the last Pax and was struggling at the end of this one. This was fun and therefore Pax had a good reason to cal me an angry elf. Hahah.

Mosey back to large parking lot where blocks were and O’douls turn.

5 OHP, Bear Crawl to first line and back, 10 OHP bear crawl the same, 15 OHP bear crawl the same.

At this point we escalated the workout beyond the typical Catapult workout. It’s good to push these guys once in a while. Can’t accelerate unless you push it a little bit once and a while. Not always but slow and steady will win the race.

Return blocks and O’douls got the idea to rifle carry so I decided to mosey the whole way back. That was no fun but a good push. O’douls already pushing me out of thebAOQ duties and taking control. Love it, man is ready to go a d take charge. That’s what it’s all about men! Go get you some! O’douls has to leave early so the five of us finished up with 8 min of Mary.

Pikachu – 15 LBC with elbow to knee tap. 4 count IC

Hojo – 15 Freddie Mercury IC

Skimmer –

Single Barrel 15 Heels to Heaven

First Base 15 Flutters IC

2 minutes to stretch


Count-O-Rama 6



CP 2 yr Anniversary 2/18 Rousey/Pikachu Co-Q

2/25 Pikachu/O’douls Co-Q AOQ turn over, O’douls birthday Q and Pikachu 2yr Anniversary

Freedtobleed moving locations check slack for details when move is determined,

Prayers: Unspoken

If you haven’t Q’s at catapult in a long time these guys are great and allot of fun. Sometimes time really flies as the mumble chatter is strong, bonding is stronger and workout seems easy through all the fun times. There are allot of faces I haven’t seen in a loooong time.



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