Yoga Mat Debacle

Yoga Mat Debacle

Workout Date:





Lab Rat (Respect), Beaker, Cubby, Weasel, KaPow, Brownbag (Respect), Quaker, Humpback, Slaughter, Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions – temp in the 60’s, damp after a brief shower.

I rolled in about 5:10 ish and much to my surprise a favorable group was already there.  Clown Car which brought Brownbag, Quaker, and Humpback was there. Slaughter who is one of our Down range regulars, Cubby, Beaker, and LabRat – our adopted pax from Boone. Nice!! Disclaimer Given – Here we go!

25 SSH’s IC, 20 TTT IC, Stretch right leg over left then left over right, 20 IW’s IC, LBAC’s – 10 forward -10 reverse – 10 Moroccan night clubs 10 OC’s all IC.

Let’s Mosey to the Ball Field at the park.

7 of Diamonds

On the outskirts of each base, we did increments of 7 exercises increasing by 7 each round.  Got a little wet.  Had to tell the M that I didn’t have an accident in my underwear.  Field was wet and muddy. LOL…

Round 1 – 7 Burpees

Round 2 – 14 / 4 count FK’s

Round 3 – 21 Merkins (Mumble Chatter is low at this point)

Round 4 – 28 Squats

Round 5 – decreasing by 7. 21 LBC’s

Round 6 – 14 BB sit-ups

Round 7 – 7 CDD’s

Mosey to Yoga Mat (Playground)

This is where it got interesting :/ I figured we would have the usual 4 or 5 maybe 6 guys show up but had 10 so I figured we needed 3 groups to achieve the routine which consisted of partnering up and running to the short pull-up bars, doing 5 pull-ups while other pax executed exercises. We soon figured that we would just somehow alternate.

One group would run to the pull-up bars to do 5 pull-ups while other group did Freddie Mercury’s, then Wooly Worms, SSH’s, Heals to Heaven and Diamond Merkins in an alternating fashion.

Time was winding down so we headed back doing an Indian Run with man at the back doing a Burpee then running to the front. Next man until we cycled through the line.

We had a few minutes for some Mary so Plank position while reciting 5 principles of F3 and Mission statement.

20 Peter Parkers IC, 20 Hillbillies IC.


Announcements for Dragon Boat and National Convergence.

Prayers up for Enron and family of a friend and valuable employee of his who passed suddenly.

Always fun and a privilege to lead…


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