You Against You Means Mind Over Body

You Against You Means Mind Over Body

Workout Date:





Snip, Franklin,Jingles (Respect) Slab FromF3Anson (Respect), Stewey, Flash, Screaming Eagle, Putz, Bubbles, Corkscrew, ManchoMan, Varisity, Lombardi

The Thang:

The Thang


Nice breezy morning 79 with Partly cloudy skies

YHC awoke this morning and headed out to Warthog to lead an unknown number of men in a routine that they hope would help them in their quest to get better. YHC also hoped to get better and to start this beautiful day God has given us with a workout that would jumpstart everyone’s metabolism. YHC has had a rough summer with work, family and a push to better my mind as well as my body taking a toll on my frequency of posting. This being said I have begun to put my crazy routine back together to include making as many workouts as possible with the NO Excuses statement embedded in my brain.  I pulled up to the AO and cars began rolling in, the numbers staying strong, we gathered and welcomed Slab visiting from F3Anson.

529 one minute warning


10 burpees OYO ( Mumble chatter begins about YHC not being here then starting with Burpees)

Repeat 10 Burpees ( thanks for Chatter from Jingles of I use to start with 20)


WindMillx25 IC  (I mentioned Mind over Body for those bending at the waist but not stretching…You against YOU!)


IW x25 IC


Reversex25 IC

CherryPic x25 IC

Overheadclaps x25IC (reminded everyone Mind over Body would keepyour arms out)

MtnClimbers x25 IC

Mosey to Bridge

Bearcrawl to middle Lundge down

Mosey to Fountains

11’s were called with BIGBOY sit ups and step ups…Kudos to Putz for blasting these out with boxjumps pushing Bubbles to do the same

Mosey to Park Flags

B.O.M.B.S were called as Partner routine with one Pax doing exercise as other ran to other side of park and back

50 Burpees, 100 overhead claps in Al Gore,150 Merkins, 200 Bigboys, 250 squats

Time was getting close and Jingles reminded YHC we only had till 615. my Mind had lied to my Body and told me we were working till 630. Bigboys and squats numbers were reduced to 100 to finish with time to Moseyback for Mary

Mary consisted of Bigboys and Deep Squats to make up for the cutting them short


Count o Rama 13

Name o Rama

Prayers request and announcements…Pelicans game Monday!!

BOM Prayer and disperse


Nice Job by all and some good chatter throughout the workout. Everyone picked up the six during 11’s and seemed to get in a great workout. The focus I worked on today was total body yet trying to remind us that our mind can and does control our body. God meant this to work this way. If 50 Burpees is called and your first thought is “no Way” then you will struggle to do them. If your first thought is “ten x 5 is 50” you will finish and be ready for the next challenge. The same goes for your life experiences, if your M wants you to go shopping and you moan and groan, you both will have a terrible time. If she ask and you tell yourself, “Let’s do this” the day flies by and you get to enjoy time with the one you love. Your Mind Over Body IS YOU AGAINST YOU…Stay POSITIVE!!

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