You Get What You Paid For.

You Get What You Paid For.

Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, Valvano, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

YHC was asked by Valvano to on Saturday if I wanted to Q Elevation Monday. Not having a reason why I couldn’t at the time, I told him I would check my schedule and get back to him. After some brainstorming I still couldn’t think of a reason why I couldn’t Q, so I did. The announcement went out on slack as well as a request for pax to bring sandbags.

The weather this morning was a cool 72 degree morning. There was a light rain present that may have scared a few pax away this morning. After several checks of the radar to ensure that there was not going to be any lightning in the area, YHC headed to Doug Shaw Stadium.

Upon arrival YHC found Bling already in the parking lot. I guess when he is not having to play car-pool mom his timing gets all thrown off and he shows up early. Lombardi and Valvano had just arrived leaving me to bring up the rear. The rain was a little more steady, another check of the radar showed that there would be no lighting and we should be done by the time the heavy stuff gets to us.

The lights to the stadium came on at 0500 and we grab our rucks and sandbags and met at the goal line.

The first WOD

20 minute AMRAP with rucks on

  • 10 sandbag squats
  • 15 sandbag merkins
  • 20 sandbag deadlifts.

After the AMRAP we carried our sandbags to the 50 yard line and dropped them.

The Rest that’s not really a rest but not really a WOD

  • 4 sections of bleachers with ruck only (up and down each sections)
  • Go to your sandbag and do sandbag throw’s from the 50 to the goal line.

Second WOD

15-12-9 reps of

  • Sandbag thrusters
  • Tricep extensions
  • After your reps double time 100 meters and do 4 sections of bleachers (going up and down on each section)

During this time Bling stated that he saw lighting, no one else saw it or heard any thunder so we all assumed that he was having a stoke. 1 minute later we finally heard some thunder.

Once all pax made it to the goal line we did a cool down lap sans ruck.

We then gathered up in the parking lot for BOM.


  • Missed those that weren’t able to make it this morning.
  • We finished the workout before any heavy rain or storms came
  • Rain was nice and refreshing, as Bling stated I didn’t know it was raining or I was sweating.
  • Lombardi is on Q for Waverucker.

Prayer Request

  • Lombardi’s friend Mike, tore up his ankle pretty good while hiking in Virginia.




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