You missed what? Timeshare (10/24/17)

You missed what? Timeshare (10/24/17)

Workout Date:





Burgundy, Crayola, Beaker

The Thang:


Burgundy drove in on what ended up being a slipped serpentine belt.  More on that to follow.

Conditions: wet from the night before and humid.  No staying dry.


[All 4ct IC unless otherwise noted]

20 SSH

15 TTT

Calf stretch (because YHC’s were little balls of pain after weekend’s CSAUP)

20 alternating shoulder taps …hold

left leg up – 10 alternating shoulder taps … hold

right leg up – 10 alternating shoulder taps … hold

Chinooks 10x each way

Annies (chinooks in plank) 15X

Mosey to Yoga Mat, far side of the park.

The Thang

Ab sequence in honor of 26.2 hr adventure race, capital ruck and 13.1 half marathon so many PAX did this weekend.

13 BBS, 1 burpee, 26 LBCs, 2 burpees. (aka 13.1-26.2)

4X4’s (4 merkins, 4 (2ct) Mt. climbers, jump up, overhead clap.)

Rinse and repeat 10X [everyone was smoked…but not really]

Rinse and repeat 1X

Rinse and repeat 2X

Rinse and repeat 1X

Rinse and repeat 3X

Rinse and repeat 1X

[Reminder to push yourself even when your mind says your done.  Get back in it! #maintainGoodForm]

13 BBS, 1 burpee, 26 LBCs, 2 burpees. (aka 13.1-26.2)

Derkins with feet in swing 5X (failure setting in)

Rinse and repeat 1X

[Note: understand when pushing yourself is wrong.  Bad form, bad consequences. Difference between hurt and injured.]

10X cheater chin ups at the parallel bars.

over the “dog obstacle” and back @x #experimentation #nevermind

4X4’s 4sets

13 BBS, 1 burpee, 26 LBCs, 2 burpees. (aka 13.1-26.2)

Mosey back to AO

60sec Rocky Balboas

Burgundy led us in 15X IW IC

Crayola led us in 15X Flutters


Halloween Convergence this weekend.



Epic Q failure to pray us out.  #noexcuses


So after totally missing the BOM [penalty to be assessed later], Burgundy pops the hood to find the serpentine belt has popped off the tracks.  Seeing how we have no tools or time, he chances it and makes it 1/3 of the way home before the battery runs out of juice and has to run back the church and see if anyone else he knows can give him a lift in the gloom.  YHC felt bad in having to leave Burgundy but has made a commitment to M and 2.0’s to be home at 6:15 to get them to school.  On the way to drop them off at 7:15ish, YHC called Burgundy to find he actually doesn’t know anyone else who is awake in the gloom and still needs a ride home from the church.  #clowncar back to Burgundy’s homestead to follows.   #cobains on the delay.  YHC would love to say his priorities are in check with God, family, and friends but after missing the BOM, hard to say 1st things are always first.  YHC’s take-away: Always strive to live 3rd, never give up despite your wins and your losses.





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