You say Bur I say Peez!!

You say Bur I say Peez!!

Workout Date:



PattiMayo (F3 Hickory)


Therminator, Viagra, Beaker, PattyMayo (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC would like to thank the men of F3 Grandstrand for allowing me to post and Q this morning. It’s always fun to sweat with strangers and make some friends along the way.

Warm Up-

SSH- 20 IC
Humpys- 15 IC
ATT- 20 IC
50 Burpees oyo fake out before Moseying to the park.

The Thang:

We moseyed to mclean park for a little baseball field fun.
Started at home plate ran to first did 20 reps, 15 at 2nd, 10 at 3rd and 5 at home plate. We did 4 rounds with squats, merkins, lbc’s, and finally BURPEES.
After that we started spokes. Basically the mound is the middle of the wheel and the bases are the spokes. Start at home plate and do 10 reps of an exercise, go to mound and do 10 burpees, rinse and repeat for every base while always going back to the middle for 10 burpees after each round of 10 reps at each base. Total of 40 burpees and 40 reps of whatever after each round.

1st round: 

  • merkins, squats, imperial storm troopers, side strattle hops.

2nd round: 

  • 3 Ct squats, alt. Lunges, squats, back lunges.

After that we headed back to the shovel flag for Asheville Abs. YHC picked this routine up while posting in Asheville and they didn’t have a name for it either so this is what I’ve named it! Basically you do 4 sets of 3ct reps up to 10 working your legs up in height and do the same thing working your way down after you reach the top. 80 reps of 3 Ct in total=super sucky!!


YHC gave a little of personal testimony. Prayed it up and then headed out….after YHC and company did additional 34 burpees (total of 164 for anyone that’s been counting!) and earned Q patch!! Thanks again to F3 Grandstrand and Timeshare, it was an honor.

Patti Out!

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