You wanna talk about football?

You wanna talk about football?

Workout Date:






The Thang:

a. another muggy morning in NMB

b. thankful Viagra showed in the gloom

c. started the day off with a mosey to escape a 5am sand storm created by leaf blowers. stopped at a nearby parking lot to get a little warm up/stretch. broke out a new squat/stretch “the mountain main crapper” lots of grunts to be heard

-mosey to Mclane Park. where we completed 11’s with dips and step-ups while running around the pond and catching up on our favorite college football teams.

-mosey to the “yoga mat” to get some much needed core work in. rotated a merkin complex into the ab work sticking with 13 reps in honor of the military members that lost their live in Afghanistan a couple weeks ago.

-mosey back the parking lot for the COT

d. keep families and friends in prayer as covid continues to impact our lives and livelihoods

e. numbers getting pretty slack at #timeshare. have to work on EH and getting these guys out of the fart sack

f. timeshare 2nd F lunch today 1230 Thai Season in NMB. GrandStrand 2nd F tonight at Grand Stand Brewery

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