Zachary Tellier

Zachary Tellier

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Tiny Dancer, Drifter, Castaway, Headgear

The Thang:

Got a message from Valvano the day before saying he may not make it but he had picked the Zachary Tellier WOD out for us just in case he couldnt post. For those of you who love under a rock, dont pay attention to slack/Twitter, or just dont care we have brought the Thursday Hero WODs back since they seemed to go well before and the idea is that if you Q that week on Tuesday then you pick the WOD for Thursday.

With the forecast looking rough i fully expected to show up to maybe one or two other pax especially for the prerun but to my surprise i pulled up to 3 others waiting and stretching for the 5K that we have managed to start doing everyday thanks to the challenge. In typical CC fashion instead of a normal COP I call a warmup lap and explain the WOD along the way to the pax that are left (Tiny had to bum a ride from Drifter to make a quick trip to the gas station) and then we got started.

Once everyone made it back mumblechatter was in full force till the BBSUs came around and then it went silent unless it was Tiny complaining. From what i could tell at least 3 pax fully finished the ladder workout and 2 got a bonus round in but all got at least 1% better.

Tiny prayed us out