BackBlast Set the Alarm!

Set the Alarm!

Started out the morning planning to run at 445 but apparently I needed to set my alarm for that! Woke up at 539am and was out the door by 544am ready to take on the morning without my 7 mile run 1 minute warning given disclaimer warm up included normal circle exercises such as SSH, …

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BackBlast (Almost) Birthday Q

(Almost) Birthday Q

Conditions: 70F, 100% Humidity YHC showed up early to set up and got a mile pre-run in before the beatdown. Sideout and Flatliner came zooming in on bikes about five minutes before start time and everyone else started streaming in. Gave one minute warning as Killington arrived with the flag and we started as soon …

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BackBlast WaveRucker 0.2

WaveRucker 0.2

We rucked. Far and Fast. We also did the IPC 6 times. All in under 90 minutes. Amazing morning of awesomeness and fellowship!!! Prayers lifted for lots of things, but kids and their struggles and how we can assist and guide with His wisdom. Praises for Kiwi’s continued healing.

BackBlast Catapult Circuit Mile

Catapult Circuit Mile

Condition- low 70s and slightly sticky My once- a-month substitute Q as AOQ was off to another good start this morning with 6 other PAX- Flatliner and Sideout biking it in from down CF Blvd, JJ and Sunshine waiting and stretching out before I planted the flag, and CropDuster and Tandem coming in hot on …

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BackBlast THE 18TH Annual BLUE RIDGE RELAY – “Where to Begin”

THE 18TH Annual BLUE RIDGE RELAY – “Where to Begin”

For some reason, YHC was nominated to write a BackBlast for F3 GrandStrand’s Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) Team, “Worse Pace Scenario”. This is a daunting task considering that this CSAUP officially started Thursday at 1pm when 16 Pax converged in the back lot of BombSquad to load 2 Vans with equipment, water, snacks, and a …

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BackBlast BDQ


So this is a much delayed backblast to a delayed Q. It was the YHC’s birthday last week, and he finally got around to Q’celebrating at the mothership. Once the fergerameister got the Q sheet spun up for the month, the best opening for YHC was today, the 15th of September in the year of …

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BackBlast Oceanfront Blocks

Oceanfront Blocks

Weather: Clear and 63 degrees w/ a slight breeze. One Minute Warning Welcome & Disclaimer The workout began w/ all PAX standing to their feet and placing their right hand over their heart and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Workout Curls – 15x / Tricep Extensions – 15x / Forearm Raises – 15x / …

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BackBlast Smoked Shoulders

Smoked Shoulders

It’s tough to beat an early Fall Saturday beatdown along the GrandStrand. Perfect weather today – mid 60’s, low humidity/dew point and plenty of #HIM taking advantage of it early with preruns! Quaker and Beefsteak put in an easy 7 miles, Bling ran his 2.2 from the house (which gave me the added bonus of …

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BackBlast Burpee Bags

Burpee Bags

Warm up: The usual suspects and some lines to go with them. Regulation cornhole board set up (possibly oiled before use based on results) Pax took turns tossing cornhole bags, the first of which was the dreaded Burpee Bag. Two bags were thrown per round. The reps were as follows: Make: 3 reps per corner …

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BackBlast WaveRucker 1.005

WaveRucker 1.005

WaveRucker has been fairly hit or miss for a number of months now as a few of the regular PAX were training for the Blue Ridge Relay … running?? WTF?!? Deep down we all know that running sucks though and “why run when you can ruck?”, right? So YHC claimed the Q and knocked the …

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