It’s all in the hips

It’s all in the hips

Workout Date:





Rousey, Sex Wax, Mudslide

The Thang:

0514 one min warning

0515 Disclaimer given


kB swing 10 each bell
80 LB kB deadlift 10 rep
Overhead press x20

At this moment YHC had to explain to the new pax sex wax that according to the great philosopher and golf pro Chubbs Peterson “it’s all in the hips” when it comes to kettlebell swing

Full round of clean, squat, and press 10 each bell
Farmer’s walk
Goblet squats x10 (even bells)
Good mornings x10 (odd bells)
Tabata KB swings 20 sec on 10 sec off
Flutter kicks x25 with kB
Bbs x25 with KB

yhc prayed us out

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