2017-10-20 Rockin’ Out in the Inlet

2017-10-20 Rockin’ Out in the Inlet

Workout Date:



Say What?!?


Papa Smurf (war horse), Cheesy Biscuit (AOQ), Tank Top, Froman, Say What?!?(QIC)

The Thang:

25 Hammers
25 Side Straddle Hops
10 Imperial SQUAT Walkers
High-step knee touches while individually countdown from 10
INXS – Mediate
Merkin each time a word ends in -ate
The Village People – YMCA
With weights – triceps and arm presses
Devo – Whip It
Picnic bench step ups for each “whip it”, step up to table top for each “whip it good”
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Hello Dolly, Leg lift for each “Barbie”
Jack Webbs
Ylvis – What does the fox say?
1 big boy sit-up for each animal named, 2 V-ups for each “fox”
The Police – Roxanne
Switch between high plank and low plank at each “Roxanne”
10 Burpees
25 Parner leg shove downs
50 Power Hammers

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