Blackbeard Turns 2

Blackbeard Turns 2

Workout Date:



Hoe Down


One Call, Esau, Varsity, Weed Eater, Lamont, Billboard, Mudslide, Papa Smurf, Rousey, Franklin, Shatter, Low Tide, Mater, Penelope, Say What, Geno, Cheesy Biscuit, Airborne, Sandman, Spinal Tap, Progresso, Heisenberg, Birthday Boy, Bubbles, HoeDown

The Thang:

Today is the birthday for BlackBeard’s Revenge! A very short two years ago we planted the shovel flag in the sand pile and declared it a new day for the Inlet.  YHC was glad to take the launch healm and be the AOQ for year one. I am so pleased to have watched Cheesy Biscuit and all the other supporting cast keep the flag flying since my departure to launch The Riviera.


YHC left home at 0400 this morning to get to the AO on time. This allowed me a few minutes to inspect the AO for any new additions or changes. I was so pleased to see the steady stream of headlights from locals and clowncars alike. The weather was perfect and the crowd was pleased to boast a 25 Pax in number.


So here’s what had happened.

Line up in a circle for the COP

  • SSH IC
  • 2 Burpees
  • Imperial Walkers IC
  • 2 Burpees
  • TTT IC
  • 2 Burpees

4×4 OYO 10 Count (4 merkins plus 4 mtn climbers plus an overhead clap)

Mosey over to Baseball field for some Catch Me If You Can

  • Find a date
  • Pax one performs 3 BBSU while Pax two retreats in back pedal fashion.
  • Pax one finishes BBSU’s and sprints to retreating Pax and they switch roles.
  • Round 2— Exchange round one BBSU’s with 10 Merkins

Mosey over to the softabll field for some Gassers, etc.

  • Line up on first base foul line and start chopping those feet.
  • Perform up downs on Q command and then sprint across the outfield for the out and back
  • We rinsed and repeated this three times with 8-10 up downs each round.
  • Thanks to Penelope’s mumble chatter the Pax were welcomed to do two up downs on the last round.

Watch Dial Merkins

  • Pax perform 1-12 merkins in OYO to complete a 360 degree rotation. 78 Merkins in total
  • Pax perform hand release merkins on the quarter hours for a total of 30 HRmerks.

Little Mermaid

  • Pax performed an ascending ratio of 1 Big Boy Sit UP with 4 flutter kicks,
  • This count results in a 1;4, 2: 8, 3, 12….etc.
  • The total count would result in 55 Big Boy Situps and 220 flutter kicks. A real crowd pleaser.

Circle up for COT

  • Count o Rama
  • Name o Rama
  • Announcements
  • Word of the Day
  • Prayer



YHC is thankful for the men of Blackbeard. There is a huge backstory to what F3 did for me during my time as a pastor in the Inlet. These guys provided me a social framework of encouragment and exhortation as I made some life-altering decisions with their help. The men of Blackbeard hold a special place in my heart for this and several reasons. I am proud of their continuance, consistency and dedication. They certainy emody the essence of all three F’s. Carry on men, carry on. The Hoedown is a proud father figure.




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