Friday the Girthteenth…Kettlebells Edition

Friday the Girthteenth…Kettlebells Edition

Workout Date:





Bluegrass, Quaker, Stuffed Crust, Hoe Down, Grass Patch, Run Off, Wolverine, Mudslide, Billboard, Penelope, Vitamin D, Whittle, Hefty(QIC)

The Thang:

YHC doesn’t normally do the Standard but since Q’ing DR decided to double down. Quaker, Billboard, and YHC were ultimately punished by trying to keep up with the blistering pace of Bluegrass for some 400 training. Technically these turned into 480’s, but none the less all left stronger, and Billboard even asked for more post Bells (guess YHC didn’t work him hard enough)


0525 The bell transport vehicles arrive from the NorthWest and South, thus begins the ever impressive unloading of all that iron. One can only imagine if one of them got on a highway weight scale the SCHP would be writing a ticket.

0530 Disclaimer given and let’s go



SSH (IC) x 15

Dippy Birds (IC) x 10 each leg

Clock Merkins (IC) x 5 at 12 o’clock, 3, 6, & 9

Toy Soldiers (IC) x 15


KB Indian Run fun

PAX grab a bell of their choice and get their lunge on, while the last PAX moseys to the front with bell in tow. Little slower than first imagined as some grabbed the 60 and 70 pounders.

U-Turn a ways down, and transition into Bear crawl with bell pull back to launchpad.


The Thang

Deck O’ Cards in Circle of Death layout format (cards with value of 5 and lower were removed)…Was that left out of the disclaimer?!?

Each Suit had two possible exercises, one for the odd numbered cards and one for the even.

Outside circle of cards represented face value, row 2 doubled, row 3 tripled, and the center card was worth 4x.

Red cards moved the PAX one bell to the right, and black cards moved them one to the left to share the love.

What we did…

Clubs—(Odd…American Swings/Even…Snatch)

Spades—(Odd…Goblet Squat/Even…KB Pushup)

Hearts—(Odd…Turkish Get Up/Even…Curls)

Diamonds—(Odd…Overhead Squats/Even…Plank Rows)

Joker—(PAX Choice)

Started out with the PAX that picked the card counting us out but that dissipated quickly as there is to be no counting at Bells in this area apparently. YHC Omaha’d and the PAX who picked the card performed that quantity of pull ups as the timer. Second round was fire hose slam. Quantities performed ranged from 5 to 40.



Dr. W’s (IC) x 10 courtesy of YHC

Flutter Kicks with Bell press thanks to Wolverine

Bell V-Ups provided by Bluegrass



Scripture referenced was Luke 7:36-50

This is the story of the sinful woman who washes Jesus’ feet at a Pharisee’s home. She let’s all of her emotions flow regardless of who was in the room and what may be said or thought about it.

While reading “Sneezing Jesus” this passage is referenced and made me think of the  great sounding board we are provided within F3. Do we truly open up to our brothers, or only what we decide to sift through the filter?   How great is it when we share what is on our heart whether good or bad.

Small Excerpt from the book—“We bottle up a lot of things. We keep them inside instead of letting them out. We hide our brokenness, shoving it down and forcing it into our closets and basements of our hearts. We listen to the critical voice inside that reminds us of where we’ve been and how weak we are. We’re afraid to be broken. We’re even more afraid that we’ll be exposed or lose control of ourselves.”

Good, quick read if anyone is looking for one.



-Beachbells is one of the favorites so it was such a pleasure to lead and be lead by this group. Not sure the offer will be extended again however since there was no music provided.  Awesome to see the SouthernBells group too!

-SOOO many Turkish get ups…#SorryNotSorry

-Bluegrass is fast, like really fast. Always good to have a rabbit out there to chase. All put in some good work on the Standard.

-Those that throw those >60 pounders around are very, very impressive.

-It always tickles YHC to watch Mudslide pull the home gym out of his van.  Either he doesn’t work on Fridays or it takes a long time for him to find the tools needed the rest of the day.

-First time seeing a yoga mat out at F3, but okay. Didn’t see what vehicle it came out of but rest assured it wasn’t the one heading back to Lake Norman:-)   Something about not wanting to scratch their bells up?

-Reynolds clan Q’ing TimeShare in the gloom. 0630 launch and sure to be a good one as the siblings and dad simply just try to out do each other with their 15 minute Q’s.

-Bike ride option tomorrow at Warthog I believe, but you all probably know what’s going on there.

-Enjoy your weekend brothers.





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