JudeeChop Anyone!?!?

JudeeChop Anyone!?!?

Workout Date:





F3 GrandStrand and Republic Pax

The Thang:

  • Q: Rousey, with help from Ninja-in-training Podcast.
  • Who: All PAX – all fitness levels – no experience necessary.
  • When: Saturday mornings (only) relaunching 6/8 at Warthog 6am – 7am with sessions throughout the summer ending early September. Schedule is generally as follows:
    • 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month: JudeeChop/JC will be held at Warthog 6am – 7am before normal bootcamp.
    • 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month: JC will be held at BombSquad/BS 6am – 7am during normal bootcamp.
    • Schedule permitting, we’ll take this show to F3Republic a Saturday or two during the season!
  • What: This is a low impact alternative (but high energy) workout with substantive self-defense techniques primarily from Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Hapkido, Arnis and Judo/Catch Wrestling.
    • We will warm-up/COP & COT together with regular bootcampers.
    • HC’s would be great to better plan the workout, but not necessary.
    • Workouts will also accommodate a PAX who wants to do ½ JC and ½ bootcamp.
    • We frequently have “Extra Credit” (prior to JC sessions and especially at BS AO). This EC aka “Pre-Chop” is a 20-minute HIIT style workout often with boxing, burpees, bells and more.
  • 2.0s: YHC will be coordinating with the Q of the highly successful and anticipated 2.0 summer evening workouts to hold a special session of JC designed for the kids that’s fun and gives the shorties stranger-danger type skills.

Looking forward to another season of training and being a harder target!



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