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Grass Patch


Chewy, High Interest, Rousey, Feathers(2.0) ,Vitamin D, Hot Tub, Pyle (F3 Lexington), Franklin, Bluegrass, Sunshine, Flop

The Thang:

70 degrees

5:59 One Minute Warning called

6:00 Disclaimer

Quick Mosey around the church to loosen up. Circle up for COP. YHC had the most difficult time ever saying “Next exercise is…”, in fact it sounded more times than not like I said “Nexercise” all morning. In fact I’m blaming it on the stiffling humidity.

20 Windmills – IC
20 LBAC – IC F&R
20 Morrocan Night Club – Hip action optional
20 SSH – IC
5 Merkins – OYO
20 TTT – IC
5 Merkins – OYO
20 Hillbillies – IC
5 Merkins – OYO

The Thang

Mosey over to football field, with four well placed cones, each PAX will perform both exercises at each cone:

Cone #1: 10 Burpees and 10 BBSU
Cone #2: 20 Merkins and 20 Mountain Climbers
Cone #3: 30 Squat and 30 SSH
Cone #4: 40 LBCs and 40 American Hammers

After one complete round, PAX will have choice to perform “as many rounds as possible” with both exercises again or perform one and then run to the next cone to get more cardio! A true You vs You workout! We tried to make sure all PAX got in at least 5 rounds.

Bearway to Heaven – You guessed it! A Bear Crawl suicide of seven increasing lengths with decreasing burpees at the end of each length. All of this to the full 8:01 time of “Stairway to Heaven”. This was a real crowd pleaser that I hope will be used again in the very near future!

At these same cones, we split up the group and did some good ole fashion sprints! Back and forth for 2 complete rounds!

20 Flutterkicks – IC
20 Dying Cockroach – IC



What an honor for YHC to have an oppotunity to lead the #HIM of #BombSquad! After several months of posting on Saturdays, High Interest simply said to me one morning, “When can I sign you up?” Simple as that! Any oppotunity to lead is an honor and there was such hard work from all the men today!

Grass Patch

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