Retreads are the way to go!

Retreads are the way to go!

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Rubber, Crankbait, Brown Bag, Quaker, High Interest, El Caterico

The Thang:

I arrived early enough to make sure I knew where to go on a hot morning. I waited until the PAX started coming in, then moved over to the SF plant. I made the rounds and announced the 1 minute warning.


All exercises were 30 reps of 4 count cadence using an accelerating model to really get the blood going. I inserted an increasing burpee count between each going 1-2-3-4-5 then back down 4-3-2-1. The exercises were SSH, imperial walkers, arm circles forward, arm circles reverse, TTT, wind mills, cherry pickers, and Moroccan nightclubs. A short mosey to obtain some coupons, and the fun began.


We had 8, so 8 Michelin tires, still in really good shape with at least 10K of tread were on tap for today. We paired off and PAX 1 started a tire throw to one end of the lot and back- close to 40 yards. PAX 2 was busy with AMRAPs of PAX choice. Switch out- rinse and repeat times 3. Switch off and do same thing with new partner for 2 sets. Switch again and do 1 set. Final adjustment was with your last unclaimed partner and 1 set. Lessons learned were tires do not skid well on their side. Tires that are thrown will roll, but they sometimes make a U-turn and you lose the ground you gained. So a sling or toss was better than an overhead push. It looks easy, sounds easy, and seems easy- FOR 1 REP! Then, those tires get heavier, the drag seems more pronounced, and the grunts were shall we say, not really fitting for a church parking lot!!! Finish out, rerack the coupons, and mosey back to the SF.

Ab-athalon finished us out. 10 LBCs with 4 count cadence- immediately into 10 reps of a 4 count flutter kicks, and immediately transition into 10 big boy sit ups. High plank to recover, rinse and repeat for 3 total sets. last set was 15 of each, and wow, the time was gone.

Announcements and prayer requests were made. PLANT-GROW-SERVE is what we do. The missional AO is all about serving- that does NOTHING for us. The 2.0 workout- that is about serving as it does NOTHING for us. A prayer for a teaching block to train employees to start the day with a dedicated workout to improve their fitness and productivity- again, all about them, nothing for us. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!

I shared a verse to do everything to the glory of God, and these three mentions were right on point for doing something for others to benefit, and God to get the glory. I prayed us out, and this was my 2nd post at Bomb Squad ( I was at launch) but my first Q.


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