You can always push harder!

You can always push harder!

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


Rousey, Brown Bag, Vitamin D, El red cardo, The Intern, Skidmark,Rockytop, Bountygate

The Thang:

Conditions 54 and perfect.

As normal I sprung out of bed ready before my alarm went off. Wait I have not needed an alarm since I have not sleep in 6 years. The age of my oldest 2.0.  Pumped and ready to go I scarfed down some super energy bites (date balls) grabed a small cup of the black nectar and washed them down. As I pulled out of the neighborhood heading down river oaks I saw a familiar vehicle pulling out of the next gate. Al right a fellow pax heading to battle.

Fastforward 11 minutes…..

5:59 F3 Disclaimer

6:00 Time to get going



5 Burp n Merk OYO


Imperial Waklkers IC

5 Burp n Merk OYO



5 Burp n Merks


15 squats hold at 15

Mosey to the truck which had 12 pallets waiting for the pax accepting todays challenge

THE THANG  “get your mind right you can always push a little more”

Push pallet hair burner style to the corner of the facility (plank on the six)

20 Plank jacks IC

Push pallet to the east entrance (wow a little bit of a haul) plank on the six

20 plank jacks IC

Push pallets to the center parking lot

1 minute of jump knee tucks

Mosey to the tower

20 dips IC

Mosey to the parking lot

55 Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey parking lot 2X

Broad jumps across parking lot

20 Mountain climbers IC

Mosey parking lot 2X

25 dips IC

Mosey pl 2x

Burpee lot shuffle down & back

30 American Hammers IC

Mosey pl 2x

Push pallets to back corner


20 bobby hurley OYO

Push pallets to the  back middle


Finish strong to last corner

add pallets to coupon pile and mosey back to the flag

20 Burpees to end the workout


  • Dragon Boat race coming up April 27th




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