Back-to-School BOMBS

Back-to-School BOMBS

Workout Date:





Pikachu, Kiwi, Steak-knives

The Thang:

Conditions– Upper 70s and STICKY!!

I came into the parking lot this morning to be greeted by 2 PAX- Kiwi and visitor from the Wilmington AO- Steak-knives. He was visiting the area for work and he wanted to keep the momentum going into his 4th ever F3 workout. He attempted to join to Village, but was unable locate the other troops, so he made his way down CFB to join Catapult. I was certainly glad to have him join us!

I gave the one minute warning and all 4 of us circled to start the COP.

F3 GS mission was stated and disclaimer was given.


20- Harry Rockets IC

15- SSH IC

15 – TTT IC

15- Windmills IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC

10- Hillbillies IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Overhead claps IC

15- Overhead Press IC

We all moseyed over (w/ the Amazon music WORKOUT playlist blasting on the blue tooth speaker) to grab 2 coupons and partner up. I reviewed the back-to-school BOMBS routine.  The time was 6:40am and I indicated that we would working hard to complete the following series of exercises with the kegs over the next 20 minutes:

B= bi-cep curls- 100 while other partner ran from Community Center building to baseball backstop and back

O= overhead press – 100 while other partner ran

M= merkins- 100 while other partner runs across parking lot with keg

B= big- boys- 150 while other partner ran (as much as we could do in the set)

S= squats- 200 while other partner ran (as much as we could do in the set)

Upon conclusion of BOMBS = 20 SSH IC and then returned coupons. PAX made their way back to the COT area via mosey.

MARY was the next series of exercises:

Hold six inches for a period of 10 seconds, then 15 Flutters IC

10 Crunchie Frogs IC- Pikachu led exercise

15 American Hammers IC- Kiwi led exercise

15 Freddie Mercurys IC

Stretching for 3 mins – advised PAX to stretch whatever body part needed attention OYO; Pikachu pointed out that is important to stretch the quads once warm as they do not get as much attention as the other muscle groups.

Watch out for garbage truck!!



Announcements- discussed the other AOs available and the iron PAX challenge (we didn’t have a good understanding of what we needed to participate…??).

Pikachu prayed us out. Everything completed by 6:14am sharp and I rushed out to get ready to battle the back-to-school car rider line 🙂

Thank to you each and everyone who came out to support me today, in particular our special visitor, Steak-knives.  It is always an honor to lead gentlemen and to continue to get better with each of you!


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