Baseball Practice

Baseball Practice

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Pikachu, Skimmer, Single Barrel, Penelope, Niptuck

The Thang:

Conditions– Upper 50s and BEAUTIFUL! You couldn’t ask for a better morning. I am looking forward to this weather!

I came into the parking lot this morning to meet a new PAX/Kotter- Niptuck. Welcomed him back to the group and look forward to seeing him at future Catapult AO workouts. This greeting was followed by our regular 4 other catapult PAX arrived. We all commented on the comfortable temperature this morning.

I got the bluetooth speaker started with the workout jams (and yes, the playlist was a workout playlist that my wife put together- thanks for asking Single Barrel). I gave the one minute warning and all 5 of us circled to start the COP.

F3 GS mission was stated and disclaimer was given.


20- SSH IC

15- Harry Rockets IC

15 – TTT IC

15- Windmills IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC

15- Hillbillies IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Overhead claps IC

15- Overhead Press IC

We all lined up behind me for an Indian Run over to the concession stand behind the baseball field. Today’s workout was baseball themed:

Started with a “spectator in the stands” exercise- 11s on the Bleachers- series of Step-ups and Dips

Next- “first batter up”- 7 Merkins at each base (around the outside perimeter of the field)

“Second batter up”- 14 Flutters at each base

“Third batter up”- 21 squats at each base

Indian Run over to and around rec center parking and back to COT.

MARY was the next series of exercises- I indicated that each of would pick an ab-related exercise and it needed to be a minimum of 20 reps:

Me- Hold six inches for a period of 5 seconds, then 20 Flutters IC

20- Brown eyes to the sky (aka Heals to Heaven)- Single Barrell

10- American Hammers OYO- Niptuck

20- Big Boys IC- Skimmer

20- Merkins- Penelope

20- Freddie Mercurys

Stretching for 3 mins – series of 5 stretches focusing on quads and hamstrings; stretch OYO for one mine focusing on area that needs attention



Announcements- discussed the Shield Lock challenge and answered questions about Catapult AO for Niptuck

I prayed us out. Concluded at 6:15am sharp and met with my ShieldLock challenge team to discuss our upcoming strategy.

It is always an honor to lead gentlemen! All got better!


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