Catapult Four Square

Catapult Four Square

Workout Date:





Pat down (Republic visitor/attendee), Penelope, Picachu, Skimmer(respect), Kiwi (respect)

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 70s, dewy, and humid

I arrived bright and early at about 5:00 AM set up some cones and moved a couple of log coupons to the football field which was covered in a heavy dew and promised all would be soaked with sweat and dew by end.

A lot of contemplation went into trying to figure out what this Q was going to consist of post 9/11 and all that everyone did to honor our fallen peeps and heroes. So I just decided that I would go back to basics and make a good tough workout.  Patdown is a local from CCU who was F3 in Conway but just getting back into it after a long layoff so glad to have him join the Catapult crew.  We were missing a couple of regulars in Single Barrel (doubled down with Tuesday (Catapult) Wednesday (BombSquad) and O’Douls (under the weather) but had a good showing with Skimmer (still recuping the shoulder), Penelope (post bionic hip replacement), and the stalwart Picachu (who never misses).

One minute warning maybe a hair late but given, Welcome to F3, Mission, Disclaimer, and right into warmup


15 Batwings – 15 LBAC – F, 15 LBAC-R, 15 OH Claps, 15 Front Claps

14 SSH – (lost count?)

We then moseyed over to snake land for coupons and met on the very dewey football field at which time Penelope informed me via first mubble chatter of the day that he guessed he was going to have wet feet all day (since these were the only shoes he had with him) – at which I responded that this was just preparing us for some fall / winter showers.

Four Stations set up in square approximately 50 feet apart.

Whether feeling my oats or just lost my marbles I started with a workout that was going to be performing two exercises at each station making the circuit four times each with each exercise performed 50-40-30-20 times in descending order for each round respectively. All seemed to realize early on as I did that we were going to run a little short on time to complete this beauty.

The Stations

Station 1 – 50, 40, 30 – curls and triceps ext with block

Bear Crawl to station 2

Station 2 – 50, 40, 20 – (ran short of time) SSH and BBSU or doubled up LBCs (a little of both done)

Toy Soldier to station 3

Station 3 – 50, 40, 20 – Lunges and Squats

Bunny or Frog hop to Station 4

Station 4 – 50, 40, 10 Merkins and flutter kicks

Mosey back to station one.

Lots of non verbal mubble chatter with at least one Penelope biter saying this is catapult isn’t it.

Picachu the obvious brain trust of this outfit explained to me that when you put a workout on paper you should then cut it in half since it will take longer than you realize. (Good food for thought and a good lesson here) I was glad that it was hard and we had to work hard to get where we did – no one took at break and we went until five after 6:00 AM to allow time to return coupons and close (on time).  Skimmer was his normal quiet but leading self and I hope to have not scared Patdown off with what ended up being good work by all. Penelope was able to get one last bit of humbling mubble chatter in towards the end explaining to the group that Kiwi (yours truly) has been traveling DR over the last couple of days so will probably have time this afternoon for a nap (could be maybe).  I again responded that I am always glad when it is more difficult than easy to which Skimmer added an AYE! Great Work By All!


Count -O-Rama – 5

Name – O – Rama

F2 – Convergence for Black Beard and soon to come hot off the presses Shieldlock Challenge info (Today?)  Penelope gave what he knew which might make it doable for some of us Traveling Wilburys

Prayers silent and otherwise

Peace Out


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