Catapult Out-O’Douls the Village

Catapult Out-O’Douls the Village

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The Thang:

AO– Catapult

Conditions– High 50s to Low 60s. For May, this was a brisk morning for sure and I should have worn a long sleeve shirt to start, but me knowing that this was not going to be a typical catapult-friendly workout and my VQ, the temperature heated up pretty quickly.

I woke up earlier than normal since I wanted to be one of first at the AO for my VQ. On my ride down Carolina Forest Blvd., I saw One-Call and Bling jogging to the AO for what was expected to be a “lighter” workout this a.m (Soon did Bling realize that this was not the case as rumor has it that he ‘huffed’ and ‘puffed’ to Buffet during the workout that this is not catapult friendly by no means :)). Upon my arrival, Rousey,  as usual, was the first in the parking lot as well as Quaker. Thank you both for your last minute coaching session. The PAX kept rolling in to support their fellow brother, and we ended up with 19 total this morning. SORRY AGAIN Texas Ranger for stealing your PAX and Village thunder. I will make it up to you for sure!

I gave the one minute warning and all 19 of us circled in to start the COP. I introduced myself and the fact that this was my VQ and gave special shout-outs to High Interest, Boxcar, Buffet and Skidmark for pushing me on and off over the last year to join this wonderful brotherhood.

The disclaimer was given and I was off to the races.


20- SSS IC

15 – TTT IC

15- Windmills IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC

15- Hillbillies IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Overhead claps IC

35ish Wave Merkins- I’ll get better at this next time 🙂

We all moseyed over to the concession stand in back in the baseball field where I unleashed the 7 of diamonds routine. This was a series of exercises that were completed on the parking lot perimeter of the baseball field- 1st stop was behind home plate, next stop was first baseball line, then centerfield, and then on to third base side. At each of the stops, the following exercises were completed over 5 rounds ( I spared everyone the complete 7):

Round 1- Carolina Dry Docks- 7 at each stop

Round 2- 4 ct. Flutter Kicks- 14 at each stop

Round 3- Merkins- 21 at each stop

Round 4- Squats- 28 at each stop

Round 5- 2 ct. Freddie Mercurys – 21 at each stop

After this session was completed, we took a catapult friendly paced walk over to the start of parking lot pavement. I gave instructions for each PAX to make their way back to the COT area, but they needed to make it back by doing any combination of the following exercises to get there- imperial walkers, toy solider or lunge walk.

MARY was the next series of exercises:

25 LBCs IC

25 Pretezel Crunches (left side) OYO

25 Pretezel Crunches (right side) OYO

25 Box Cutters IC

25 American Hammers (Boxcar lead the count)

Ended the workout with stretching exercises:

10 count IC down left leg- hamstring

10 count IC down right leg- hamstring

10 count IC down middle of legs

quad stretches OYO

arm stretches OYO

Announcements- I apologize in advance as I should have taken better mental notes here as there were quite a few, but I think I was so overwhelmed with emotion from completing my VQ, I was remiss in remembering the details of all of them. Bling discussed a baseball game event coming up and High Interest wanted to see if there was any interest in leading a Sunday AO. Please reach out to these fine gentlemen for more details.

Prayer request from Kiwi- his daughter going overseas to Moscow for ministry studies

I prayed us out.

Thank to you each and everyone who came out to support me today. It was an honor to lead such a great group! Until next time…. O’Douls Out!!


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