Jack Webb and friends

Jack Webb and friends

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Pikachu, Lugnut, Rocky Top, Chewy, Flop

The Thang:

I was looking forward to the Q this morning but wanted to dive in to some different ideas.  With the Murph this past Monday and then the “more like Bombsquad” workout on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure that we maintained the right level.   The morning was cool dnd breezy which was a nice change from the stifling heat from earlier in the week.


SSH x 20

TTT x 12

Windmill x 12

IW x 12

Merkins x10 OYO

Mosey to Coupon pile and grab a paver

Down the back stretch with block over head add in a Squat walk

At the baseball field entrance drop the block

Jack Webb up to 5 and then back down

head to concession stand

Wall sit, then plank, then Pike leg press x 10, Rinse and repeat

Mosey the long way back to the blocks

Curls x 10

Tricep extension x10

Overhead press x 10

Back the long way to  repeat our Wall sit sequence

Back to blocks and repeat

Back to concession stand for Mary Jack Webb up to 5 and back down

Back to blocks for another round of Jack Webb

Carry block back to pile and mix in curl and extensions while walking

Mosey to Flag (virtual)

LBCs and 22 Merkins to finish and then we stretch.





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