The O’Douls/Pikachu Show

The O’Douls/Pikachu Show

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Conditions– Upper 50s and crisp! You couldn’t ask for a better morning!

I came into the parking lot this morning to see one truck- Pikachu- old faithful. I quickly realized that at the 1 minute warning that it would only be the two of us due to the 2 year anniversary at the village.

I got the bluetooth speaker started with the workout jams- the choice for today was 80’s classic rock workout (I was excited to share the upgrade in the tune selection for this Q).

F3 GS mission was stated and disclaimer was given- an abbreviated version due to the fact that both of us are now professionals at this :)!


20- SSH IC

15- Harry Rockets IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC

30 stretching

15- Hillbillies IC


15- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Overhead claps IC

15- Overhead Press IC

Moseyed to the coupon pile and came back to the COT and started a mini-Murph style workout. 3 rounds of 25 curls, 30 flutters and 35 squats. We modified a bit and did some IC. In between rounds, we moseyed round the church.

After the 3rd round, we came back to COT and did the following arm exercises (4 count negatives)- curls, overhead press & tri-cep extensions. Returned coupons to pile and moseyed around perimeter of AO and back to COT.

MARY was the next series of exercises-

15- Flutters IC

15- LBCs IC

15- LBCs- elbows to the ground

20- Freddie Mercurys

Stretching for 3 mins


Name-o-Rama (took 2 second since there was only two of us :))

Announcements- talked about upcoming Xmas party and personal things in our lives to pray for.

I prayed us out.

Both of us got better and worked on the second F today.


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