BackBlast Timeshare on a Friday??

Timeshare on a Friday??

So… Cubby has been taking his expansion Q role to heart and working aimlessly on the north end to try out new AO’s, bring in more pax, build excitement within the region etc….  he gets on the group chat last night asking if anyone would like to Q the new guys.  I had naturally assumed …

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BackBlast (untitled)


Conditions ~ 70. Pleasant, but not quite as nice as the slightly cooler temps earlier in the week, IMHO. First time on Q at the Plank, I’d had planned a workout last weekend and then decided to go away from it after trying to fine tune it last night while watching the Braves get destroyed …

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BackBlast October Baseball

October Baseball

Conditions – cool, around 60 degrees. Arrived early to set up a baseball diamond with bases ~ 90 feet apart on the soccer pitch/football field for a planned 7 of Diamonds workout. COP 15 Hairy Rockettes, IC 15 Tempo Squats, IC 15 Thru The Tunner, IC 15 Imperial Walkers, IC 15 LBACs, Fwd, Rvs, IC …

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BackBlast Steps and Reps

Steps and Reps

Great Weather – Clear, cool, clam winds 50ish degrees It is perfect Fergie weather it limits the sweat and lets me get in some running. Anything above 65 is too hot. 1 Minute warning as we come in to the parking lot after a 2 laps around the lake pre-ruck with Lombardi, Boxcar, Bling, Headgear …

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BackBlast Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

Conditions– Brisk & Refreshing morning!- High 40s/Low 50s After recently seeing the  dynamic duo of One Call and Bling host a Q together at Catapult, I announced last month that if anyone was interested in leading a Q with another PAX to let me know. No takers, but the current and former AOQ hopped on …

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BackBlast 49* PERFECT


49* PERFECT   Arrived at the super bright Plank to find Hot Tub doing warm-up laps and Cyclone stretching. One-minute warning given, proper disclaimer, and at 0515 we started off with a slow Mosey around the track. Halfway around we saw El Red Cardo Moseying to catch us and by the time we got back …

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BackBlast Chills & Thrills

Chills & Thrills

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 46 Degrees, Perfect Woke up early and knew it would be a bit colder this morning. The weather app read 46 degrees. I was excited to see how the newer PAX would dress for these plummeting temps. As expected, the newer PAX were over dress in sweatpants and sweatshirts, while the battle …

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BackBlast “What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

“What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

AO: BombSquad Conditions: Perfect YHC has been MIA for over 2 months due to work commitments and Covid so getting back in the Gloom has been a struggle not only physically but also mentally. With that said, YHC was looking forward to Qing. Because I lost my fitness over the past few months, YHC had …

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BackBlast Who’s on 1st F ?

Who’s on 1st F ?

10-16-21 Timeshare 68 clear and perfect Arrived at AO on the heals of Manziel, malpractice then down range Lil Sweet. Awesome let’s roll… 3 min warning given Mumblechatter & stretching as it’s been a full week of beatdown missing Tuesday and posting 5 days this week it’s been awhile maybe I’ll make a habit of …

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BackBlast New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

Beautiful Gloom 68 & Clear sky’s NEW AO LAUNCH? Time will tell! Expansion Q North is my mission, so let’s get it started! Today the AO was at Faith Church off highway 90, where I am a part of the congregation! Awesome church, made up of incredible folks. I have been attending 1 year now …

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