BackBlast Dodging Traffic

Dodging Traffic

AO: Blackbeard Conditions: Foggy Rolled up to the AO at about 0520 to see lights already on, SoftShell finishing his pre-ruck and Methane pulling the shovel flag out of his car looking just like an AOQ…but he’s not the AOQ…yet.  Cheesy had sent me a text letting me know he couldn’t make it this morning …

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BackBlast Down South Jukin

Down South Jukin

31* Perfect   YHC posted at Blackbeard for the 1st time last month and immediately looked for the opportunity to Q. Pulled up the Q-sheet, saw an opening, and boom, today is the day!   Put out the clowncar invitation to the reinvigorated sheildlock but the timing didn’t work for anyone. Then YHC was texting …

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BackBlast GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

Conditions – COLD COLD COLD  26 with real feel of 23.  PERFECT MORNING FOR RUCKING!!! Headgear has worked very hard behind the scenes to get a GrowRuck here in MB.  This is a huge deal and we are very proud of his efforts/bribes.  If he is your financial planner – check your accounts right around …

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Weather-  It was a BEAUTIFUL 40* Clear Skies, Amazing Sunrise   Well 1st I want to say THANK YOU, to all the Pax that came today.  It really means a lot.  I had never intended on this being a convergence, but after some persuasion from Flash and a few other guys, the AOQ’s shut everything …

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BackBlast Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence 2020

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence 2020

  AO: BombSquad Conditions: Cold and Clear.  30 degrees with a feels like temp of 26 degrees.   This is cold for us South Carolina PAX! UGSC (Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence) is something the PAX look forward to each year!  This year YHC was honored to have the opportunity to take part in leading the …

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BackBlast Honoring Jacob “Hightower” Hancher

Honoring Jacob “Hightower” Hancher

This will be simple, and not a normal backblast.  We came together as a community.  F3.  FiA.  Friends.  Family.  Young and old.  From near and far.  Various backgrounds and hometowns.  Veterans, rookies, and newcomers.  We came together as ONE group to honor Jacob.  Work was done.  The specifics are unimportant.  We honored Jacob.  His age.  …

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BackBlast “Hightower” Jacob Hancher – Badge # 374; EOW 10/03/20

“Hightower” Jacob Hancher – Badge # 374; EOW 10/03/20

Conditions Nice.  Cool.  Mid 60’s F3Nation is a BROTHERHOOD.  When one is lost, we ALL grieve.  This past weekend, we lost one of our local PAX who was serving the community he loved as a Myrtle Beach Police Officer.  Private First Class Jacob Hancher.  Hightower.  So young.  We all grieve and the Nation grieves over …

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BackBlast Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

You will have to forgive me, I have a lot to get out in this. So, fare warning. Well………the anticipation had been looming for a few weeks. I keep getting the same question. How are you feeling? My answer for the last week has been some where between, What the hell am I getting my …

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BackBlast Surprise!!!


AO: Blackbeard Conditions: Hot and Humid…no breeze Its been a tough week.  OneCall hosted the #MondayDouble for Labor Day with an almost 2 hour #ElevationMonday ruck and an Oyster Bootcamp.  Tuesday, #Warthog hosted the #IronPAXChallenge.  Last time YHC was at #BlackBeard, we were just gearing up for this year’s #IPC and the BlackBeard PAX for …

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BackBlast 19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

19 years later – 9/11 – #NeverForget

YHC always tries to take the Q for 9/11 to honor those that lost their lives and those that sacrificed everything, as well as to make sure that we all #NeverForget this incident.  And my basic Backblast information is the same, but with new PAX and all, it needs to be said!  And it never …

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