BackBlast Chills & Thrills

Chills & Thrills

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 46 Degrees, Perfect Woke up early and knew it would be a bit colder this morning. The weather app read 46 degrees. I was excited to see how the newer PAX would dress for these plummeting temps. As expected, the newer PAX were over dress in sweatpants and sweatshirts, while the battle …

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BackBlast “What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

“What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

AO: BombSquad Conditions: Perfect YHC has been MIA for over 2 months due to work commitments and Covid so getting back in the Gloom has been a struggle not only physically but also mentally. With that said, YHC was looking forward to Qing. Because I lost my fitness over the past few months, YHC had …

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BackBlast Back to Big Monday

Back to Big Monday

AO BombSquad Conditions: 70, Cool and clear I haven’t been out as much recently dealing with some injuries, but starting to turn the corner. Got the text from Beefsteak a few weeks ago asking if I could Q Big Monday and even though I was a little hesitant, told him I would do it. Big Monday… …

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BackBlast I’m a Believer!

I’m a Believer!

73* PERFECT! 0514 1-minute warning given, proper disclaimer proclaimed, and at 0515 it went like this… 25 – SSH IC 10 – Merkins SC 15 – TTT IC 10 – Merkins SC 20 – IW IC 10 – Merkins SC 15 – LBAC IC 15 – LBAC in Reverse IC 15 – CP IC 20 …

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BackBlast No Hairy Rockettes

No Hairy Rockettes

Conditions: We are at the sweet part of the seasons, enjoying morning in the 60s. Beefsteak asked a number of Catapult regulars to take a Q at Bombsquad in September to shake things up a bit and jumped at the opportunity to take the lead outside of Catapult. Since it’s supposed to be a Big …

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BackBlast BBB


Conditions: Low 60s, slightly chilly, and gloomy.  No SC humidity tho — we’ll take that! YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of #BombSquad (BS) this morning.  BS is a YHC’s original AO where he started his F3 journey… and after 4.5 years its undoubtedly one of the best decisions he made — thanks for …

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BackBlast Nut to Chin Curls

Nut to Chin Curls

AO: Bombsquad Conditions: Humidy, what else. It’s summer in MB for another few months Realized mid week I had to Q on Saturday. I always look forward to getting my weekend started off right. Kick ass beatdown and some food with some fellowship with your F3 Brothers. One Minute Warning Proper Disclaimer and Mission Statement …

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BackBlast Big Cadence Monday

Big Cadence Monday

Conditions– Mid 70s and humid Soooo… rewind to 8:45pm last night when I logged into Slack and saw I was on Q this morning at Bombsquad. The conversation slipped my mind I had late last month with Beefsteak. It’s all good- keeps me accountable and out in the gloom on a Monday to start the …

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BackBlast 9/11/01-20 Year Anniversary Memorial Workout

9/11/01-20 Year Anniversary Memorial Workout

So this BB should have been written within 24hrs of the beatdown, especially for such an important event.  Having said that I won’t lay out a laundry list of excuses but just move on to the write up. A little back story is that in the week leading up to beatdown, Valano mentioned One Call …

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BackBlast Old School Day 5

Old School Day 5

Star Date 2021, Monday……Day 5 of the infamous “Old School Tour of the AO’s”. Made our way to Bombsquad, which happens to be the closest AO to our houses!  (no wonder Boxcar drove….) One Call and I have been having a blast so far, visiting AO’s far and wide and seeing old friends and new. …

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