BackBlast Sharknado 1/23/23

Sharknado 1/23/23

It was a breezy Monday at Sharknado with a rather stiff breeze coming off the Shark pond at the rear of Timberlake Baptist Church. 52 degrees with a bit of standing water pretty much everywhere but under the TBC awning. It has been two weeks to the day since I was here and that is …

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BackBlast Twenty Three

Twenty Three

Conditions: Foggy and at 46, a bit chillier than I’d thought. COP 15 Hairy Rockettes, IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes, IC 10 Thru The Tunner, IC 15 Imperial Walkers, IC 15 Tempo Squats, IC 15 LBAC, FWD/RVS, IC 10 BBAC, FWD/RVS, IC The Thang Mosey through the parking lot and then everyone was instructed to …

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BackBlast Sharknado Time

Sharknado Time

AO: Sharknado Conditions: 30s and cold Well if you know anything about Sharknado, the 0515 start time isn’t so much of a hard start but a nice suggestion… as some of the PAX show up right at 0515 or a few min after. I think after today, I can probably consider myself a regular now. …

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BackBlast Solid Monday at Sharknado

Solid Monday at Sharknado

AO Sharknado Conditions High 40’s and beautiful. One Minute Warning as i finished up my pre run. Disclaimer  15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 15 Ea LBACF,R, 20 SSH Three rounds 40 seconds on 20 seconds of “Rest” Squats for 40 an Squat hold for 20 Four merkins with four shoulder taps …

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BackBlast Sharknado VQ

Sharknado VQ

AO: Sharknado Conditions: 50s and clear My 6th and last Q of the month, so I decided to do one at an AO that I had never Q’d before. Truth be told, my first time here was last week when Candy Cane was on Q, but after seeing that this AO was easier to get …

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BackBlast Full Body Burner

Full Body Burner

So after the big weekend with the guys at the Spartan Beast YHC got a text from Kiwi reminding me of my Q the following day and it was a good thing too because it had slipped my mind. After about 30 seconds I had a plan and I was able to sleep easy that …

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BackBlast 15s at Sharknado

15s at Sharknado

When the temperatures start to drop and you have the Q on a Monday morning, with little to no chatter on Slack, you never know what you’re going to get. YHC was pleasantly surprised though to see Kiwi, Ringo, and Shoeless circled by the flag when I pulled in at 0510. We got the warmup …

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BackBlast Monday at the Sharktank

Monday at the Sharktank

AO Sharknado Conditions High 50’s and perfect  Sharknado one of the newest AO’s to surface in the Grandstrand in the past year. Kiwi leading the charge and felt the need to really start supporting him. He was very supportive of me and the guys at Catapult. I wish more guys would step up and support …

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BackBlast Right On Time

Right On Time

YHC finally visited #Sharknado a few weeks ago for a Kiwi Q and took the opportunity to learn the lay of the land of the AO. Well-lit, open parking lots, picnic tables, coupon pile, melodic tunes from the Sonic next door (this morning YHC stepped out of the truck to “This is Halloween” from “A …

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BackBlast When time does this thing start?

When time does this thing start?

AO: Sharknado Conditions 60’ and amazing  With the current AO challenge and chasing TR for points I looked at the Q sheet and got all over the AO’s the next few weeks. I’ve passed TR and now it’s time to keep the gas on as I know he’s coming and the battle for second is …

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