BackBlast Hero WOD

Hero WOD

After talking with a few pax YHC decided to bring the Hero WODs back for another month and only though we would start with the one WOD and fan favorite ”The Murph”. All pax finished and all pax got better. Great work men! Announcements: Christmas party/Convergence, shoeboxes, bikes Boxcar prayed us out

BackBlast Little Bit Of Everything

Little Bit Of Everything

Just like the title states the plan was to focus on a little bit of everything. 0 min warning was given after YHC, Castaway, and Boxcar rolled up from our 5K prerun and after Boxcar parted ways pax were instructed to riffle carry blocks to sideline opposite of the famous stadium steps. Round 1: 20 …

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BackBlast Appetizers


Candy Cane reached out to on Tuesday to ask about having a mini-convergence on Thanksgiving at Plantation Lakes Clubhouse in advance of the annual Turkey Trot. Word was put out about the alternate AO and start time. COP 10 Burpees OYO 15 Hairy Rockettes 10 Willie Mays Hayes 15 Thru The Tunnels 15 Don Quixotes …

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BackBlast Held OUTDOORS Rain Or Shine

Held OUTDOORS Rain Or Shine

With the forecast looking rough for the morning I woke up wondering if I was going to be solo but being AOQ and the fact that one of our core principles is that workouts are held outdoors rain or shine I went ahead and showed up to the AO with 5 min to spare. To …

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BackBlast Merkin Mile To The Beach

Merkin Mile To The Beach

Was wondering how many pax would post on a cold Thanksgiving day week and was glad to have 6 #HIM join me in the gloom! Traveling COP A mosey around the track ensued and we did 2 laps around stopping at different points to do our warm up exercises which included the following: Hillbillie’s, Through …

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BackBlast 100 Yards of Merkins

100 Yards of Merkins

AO Plank  Conditions High 40’s Yesterday I was on a job site with Candy Cane and he looks at me and says your on Q tomorrow. I was like what!?!. Well damn better get to working on a plan.  One Minute Warning Disclaimer abbreviated to get the body moving.  15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo …

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BackBlast The Hooker

The Hooker

So a while back a DR pax brought a typical 4 corner workout with a twist which involves pax starting a corner 1 but as pax make their way around to corner 4 they have to head back to corner 1 after completing each corner and do each exercise as they pass by. They called …

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BackBlast Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Checking the weather before hitting the fartsack last night, YHC figured there may be a light showing at Doug Shaw this morning. 60 degrees with a 70% chance of rain at 0500. But, as all F3GrandStrand PAX should know: a. rain or shine and b. those early morning rain forecasts almost always back up a …

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BackBlast Blood Moon and Bear Crawls

Blood Moon and Bear Crawls

AO: The Plank Conditions: High 60s and perfect Well after yesterday’s unexpected rocket launch during the beatdown, I wasn’t expecting much when I got to the AO. As I was stretching and watching Boxcar, Drifter, Candy Cane, and Castaway finish their pre-runs, I think it was Headgear that pointed out today’s unexpected interstellar craziness… a …

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BackBlast Sliders, not the burger’s

Sliders, not the burger’s

So this month will be fun. No one can catch Candycane and we’ll it’s a race for second place. Anyone that knows me, knows I scheme and have a plan. I’ve been waiting to bring my new stuff to the plank. No idea how this would work (as usual for me) but I knew I …

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