TimeShare DR Pax went for a Timeshare Tour…

DR Pax went for a Timeshare Tour…

What a glorious morning in the Grandstrand.  72* and a “little” humid.  After yesterday’s thunderstorms, this morning turned out beautiful. I arrived at the AO about 10 Minutes early and had a few pax already onsite.  As we waited for our regulars, DR Pax seemed to be crawling out of the woodwork.  We had 14 …

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BackBlast Rock tha Block

Rock tha Block

a. Conditions- muggy but dry b. With the injuries mounting at Timeshare it was nice to have 5 PAX make it out this mornin c. The Thang – warmup – SSH, imperial walkers, LB arm circle front/back, Cherry pickers, Through the tunnel, Good Mornings Get’n It – We broke out the coupon blocks(thanks Cubby) and …

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BackBlast Beatdown Beats, Beach & Blocks

Beatdown Beats, Beach & Blocks

Conditions: Overcast 70’s Excellent Arrival: 05:35 …On Time On my heals: Manziel The anticipation for the beatdown to come brought the 6 Pax to the gloom 3 minute warning Speaker for the beatdown beats cranked up, Spotify F3 playlist rollin’ All 6 arrived and all warmed up 1 minute warning, stretching done Time, disclaimer given, …

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TimeShare Rain? What Rain?

Rain? What Rain?

I arrived at 5:10 to find an unrecognizable white SUV in the lot.  This could be a down range person or just someone parking there over night.  You never know what to expect at our AO in the gloom.  Burgundy rolls in with less than a minute to spare.  Out pops Lamont, a downrange pax …

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BackBlast Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith at Timeshare

Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith at Timeshare

72* PERFECT!   It’s a ton of fun Qing at different AOs and today it was Timeshare! Pulled into the AO at 0511 and Cubbie and Viagra were already there. Burgundy came in hot right at 0515.   The one-minute warning and the disclaimer were given and we got rolling with…   20 SSH IC …

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BackBlast Taste of Timeshare

Taste of Timeshare

Weather: 75 and Muggy! On my way this morning I debated on what I wanted to throw down for these guys.  As i pull into the AO i see the usual Viagra and a DR pack and Cubby.  Luckily Burgundy (THE ORIGINAL) and some more DR pax pulled in just after i gave the 2 …

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BackBlast F3 – A Return 2Q

F3 – A Return 2Q

2Q or Not 2Q!? This was this question presented to me by cubby Saturday at coffeteria. I have taken a very long hiatus from q’ing due to beginning another AO for Timeshare on alternating days. After GrowRuck I have been doing what I can to be better and my hesitancy to commit was all coming …

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BackBlast F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

AO: Warthog-Region-wide 6 year Anniversary Convergence Conditions: Excellent Date: June 12, 2021 Time: 7:00 am The THANG: Calling all Secret Studs & Clowncar Buds, Calling all missing Kotters & Half-ass Squaters; Calling all OG’s & Friendly Newbies; Calling All PAX with Respect & the Usual Suspects   It’s time to shut down every AO but …

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BackBlast The Avista Ascent

The Avista Ascent

Rolled in at 5:10 to see Beaker and Weasel there.  Hall Pass soon rolls in.  I was under the impression we were getting rain this morning so I had Parking deck plans. Time to go 20 TTT IC, 15 Good Mornings IC, 20 IW’s IC, LBAC’s 10 forward, 10 reverse, 10 overhead. Let’s Mosey!  Off …

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BackBlast Return to the gloom….

Return to the gloom….

Conditions: Clear 70 ish perfect YHC has been down all week with some form of flying elvis condition that rendered me idle to be of any use in the gloom! Not fun or enjoyable needless to say but said anyway, cause I am complaining I missed the gloom for those said events! Return to the …

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