BackBlast Bridge Run

Bridge Run

I have taken a few weeks off from training due to various legitimate reasons at first then those valid reasons became not so valid. I found myself slipping into what I can only call a fartsack hole. I just did not want to go workout, I mean I did, but found every excuse in the …

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BackBlast Timeshare’s Beach Massacree

Timeshare’s Beach Massacree

So as I do nowadays, I head up to Timeshare for a Saturday Morning Beatdown, arrive on station and Malpractice shows up shortly thereafter. After a few hey how are yas, we realize that Chicken Little is winged, and no Q has picked up the six this day. So I start up a little warm …

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BackBlast PT-109…sort of

PT-109…sort of

AO: Timeshare Conditions: clear. warm Picked up the Timeshare Q after getting a commitment from our FNG with the possibility of two FNGs. Its been a while since YHC has Q’d at Timeshare and the possibility of two FNGs made for some excitement! Did YHC mention that these two potential FNGs are NCAA D1 wrestling …

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BackBlast Time Share – 06/25/2022

Time Share – 06/25/2022

First time Qing at Time Share and it had been a minute since I had even posted up this way, so I made sure to get there with enough time to spare to map out my vague plan. Weather was pretty nice for this time of year. Best part of Time Share is you are …

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BackBlast Flightless birds like Ladders

Flightless birds like Ladders

Since recently taking on Sharknado I have come to highly respect those AOQs who lead us each week at the various Qs around the Grandstrand. Chicken Little having just lost one of his regulars in Viagra leaving for Anderson/Clemson/Lake Keowee – I figured to pick up CL by taking on a Q. Besides I had …

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BackBlast Modified Murph

Modified Murph

Showed up at 0555 and only one other down range Pax was there. Then the locals start rolling in around 0559. Conditions are perfect for a nice jaunt and a Murph WOD. Simple Backblast today with that workout. COP: TTT ×15 Toy soldiers High knees Lbac forward and backwards (I messed up the count but …

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BackBlast Dont Let The Old Man In !

Dont Let The Old Man In !

WARM UP/ Stretching 20- TTT  IC 20-Windmills  IC 15-LBAC  IC 15-LBAC  IC REV 15- Predator Squats 15- Harry Rockettes 20 – SSH THE THANG: 11’s in the parking lot ( Merkins & Mt. Climbers) Slow mosey to the park 15- Rocky Balboas 20 -dips Slow mosey to picnic tables for some inverted Merkins X 15 …

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TimeShare Timeshare 2/22

Timeshare 2/22

Conditions upper 50’s Perfect. Warm enough to work up a good sweat. A little late getting this backblast out but my conscience gets to me when I don’t do as I know guys sometimes look forward to recapping their morning in the gloom. It is also our responsibility as an F3 pax to get it …

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BackBlast To Post or Not to Post- Must have been the question….

To Post or Not to Post- Must have been the question….

Conditions = perfect 53 clear  finally with a side of ocean mist! Great morning for a parking lot/Beach mixed bag! The time to Q had come, the night before had me reaching deep for the perfect low injury impact/ high impact sweat fest. As the YHC put the night cap on and dreaming of a …

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BackBlast No-bake Spiced Cheesecake

No-bake Spiced Cheesecake

Conditions: Temp said 41 when I left my house in Tabor City but for some reason Viagra shows up with shorts on. 5 minutes before I arrive I get a text from Cubby saying, “AO is blocked off.” I guess some crazy loons are running 5 or 10k’s, so they think they can stop us …

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