BackBlast Steps and Reps

Steps and Reps

Great Weather – Clear, cool, clam winds 50ish degrees It is perfect Fergie weather it limits the sweat and lets me get in some running. Anything above 65 is too hot. 1 Minute warning as we come in to the parking lot after a 2 laps around the lake pre-ruck with Lombardi, Boxcar, Bling, Headgear …

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BackBlast Hightower Memorial

Hightower Memorial

10-02-2021 Conditions: Perfect.  63 degrees and clear. PAX, Ms, 2.0s and friends gathered at Warthog on Forbus Ct to remember our fallen brother, Officer Jacob Hancher, known in the gloom as Hightower.  Officer Hancher passed away on 10-03-2020 when he was ambushed while responding to a domestic disturbance call serving our community as a Myrtle …

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BackBlast 20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

“I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” ― George W. Bush 20 years ago, this Nation was shook to its core.  Today would be a time to honor those that gave it all and remember them and …

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BackBlast Old School Tour Day 4

Old School Tour Day 4

Conditions YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  67 degrees! Day 4 of our madness.  Jeep loaded.  Jackets on.  Hair ties read…..scratch that one.  Heck, Jeep Hair, We Don’t Care. The Dynamic Duo cruised down the road getting ready for Day 4 of our Tour.  Got to park next to Mr. Miyagi/Father Time/NEW AOQ/Fergie’s sweet old timey truck.  And near the …

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Warthog 11, 9, 7, 5

11, 9, 7, 5

1 minute warning Disclaimer given The THANG COP SSH x 25 IC Imperial Walkers x 15 IC Plank position – YHC asked the PAX to share the F3 Mission Statement for our FNG, which was stated perfectly by Karma 10 Merkins IC Plank position – 5 Core Principles were called out by PAX 10 Merkins …

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BackBlast What’s that smell???

What’s that smell???

AO: Warthog Conditions: Muggy but maybe a little cooler than usual.  78 degrees; 92% humidity Scoping out the AO the evening prior taking my 2.0 home from gymnastics practice and I see a figure running through the dark that can only be Flash.   I had to scope out the pallets of bricks first though …

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BackBlast There is a Juarez Valley at Market Commons

There is a Juarez Valley at Market Commons

Conditions: Mid 80s; sun peeking through rain clouds; torrential rain earlier; and humidity in SC/August building. YHC (QIC)’s monthly trek (outside of his normal Saturday AO) to Q and/or post…and so it was honor to be able lead the #HIM at F3 GrandStrand’s “flagship” #Warthog (WH) this morning.  YHC went with a #weinke (actually stole …

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BackBlast Passing of the Nant’an Torch

Passing of the Nant’an Torch

14 August 2021 AO: Warthog BrownBag has led the PAX of F3 GrandStrand as Nant’an since January of 2020.  Prior to that, Sunshine led us through 2019 and OneCall led F3 GrandStrand since the planting of the #ShovelFlag at Warthog on 13 June 2015.  Thank you to these High Impact Men for your leadership to …

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BackBlast No Complaints!

No Complaints!

While en route to The Mothership a plan B was formulated due to the elements and what Mother Nature was delivering at 0450 hrs. Upon arrival all PAX were staying dry in their vehicles and upon my exit from my automobile all PAX stepped out to receive the one-minute warning. DISCLAIMER The instructions were given …

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Conditions Mid 70’s, muggy Today is National Megalodon Day.  Totally irrelevant, but interesting.  Facts below.  Workout had nothing to do with this “holiday”.   Yesterday was National Bourbon Day.  Rumor was some of the Plantation Lakes (Geno and Boxcar for sure, and probably Lombardi) crew fully engaged in the celebrations!!!  Bling couldn’t even make it to …

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