BackBlast Blocks at Warthog!

Blocks at Warthog!

Conditions: 50s, with a half moon. Jumped onto the Q sheet last minute for Warthog since it was open and I’d missed the AOQ handoff to Baggage a couple weeks ago due to travel. I’d had a decent idea of what I was going to do, but just before starting, Baggage let slip that they …

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BackBlast Spartan Saturday finale

Spartan Saturday finale

We’ve had a ton of fun over the last several weeks with our Spartan themed beatdowns. The variety of options at Warthog came in handy for the fun we’ve had over the last few weeks. The Thang Billy Blanks and myself met up with Baggage and Headgear at 6:30am to set up at the parking …

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BackBlast 2023 Palmetto 200: Blood, Sweat, & Beers

2023 Palmetto 200: Blood, Sweat, & Beers

Overwhelmed by a collective runners’ high after finishing the 2022 Blue Ridge Relay in October, Drifter jumped into action to organize the next race. Although we assumed the notes he had taken and the operation he was planning would apply to the next BRR it quickly morphed into a more immediate and radical plan. Within …

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BackBlast Q-101 Returns #Mothership Edition

Q-101 Returns #Mothership Edition

AO: Warthog Conditions: 40s and clear Q-101 used to be an annual event until the pandemic hit. Since that time, its only been done once by now Nantan, Quaker. Prior to that, One Call has always Q’d it and has done a great job setting the standard for how a beatdown should be run. Q-101 taught newer …

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BackBlast Whatcha Got?

Whatcha Got?

AO: Warthog Conditions: 65 degrees, clear, perfect. It rained last night so the pollen wasn’t blowing around. Great day! Fergie sent me DM Sunday evening asking me to Q Warthog on Saturday. I had just done a Spartan Super the day before and a Spartan Sprint that morning and chased my 2.0s around their Spartan …

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BackBlast Stacked DoD!

Stacked DoD!

Conditions: Rain on and off in 50s — soggy morning.  YHC used FiA’s shelter for this morning’s beatdown.  They being the smarter gender took their workout into the deck — lol! YHC (QIC)’s monthly trek (outside of his normal Saturday AO) to Q and/or post…and so it was honor to be able lead the #HIM at F3 …

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BackBlast Back The way You Came..

Back The way You Came..

THE THANG: What’s Up Freaks?! YHC returned to The Mothership like Deadbeat Dad…trying to make up for lost time. The sounds of Lil Wayne echoed in my car but my mind was on all of the great times I’ve had at Warthog. If you are reading this & haven’t taken the time to explore the …

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BackBlast Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory

YHC rolled into Warthog at 5:05 to discover Fergie mentally preparing for the ensuing  beatdown. We gave each other a head nod as I pulled along side his white jeep. Temperatures were in the low 40’s & somewhat damp.  Each of us remained toasty in our trucks for another 5 minutes before stepping out into …

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DATE: 1.28.2023 REGION: GRANDSTRAND CONDITIONS: Perfect BACK GROUND MUSIC: Well I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try my best to capture the pomp and circumstance that ensued at the Mothership during the peaceful transfer of leadership from our former Nant’an, Headgear, to YHC. First off, I would like to thank Headgear and …

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BackBlast Master of the House

Master of the House

This has to be the 1st Backblast ever written with a Les Miserable reference/title. Just sayin. Every once and a while, the Master has to come back and show the students how its done. Not sure thats what actually happened today, but it did in my mind! So- when Fergie demands I dust off the …

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