BackBlast Where’d Jeter Come From?

Where’d Jeter Come From?

Conditions 75 degrees with 100% humidity 1 minute Disclaimer given The THANG Grab rucks and sandbags and head to the track.  For this movement PAX were instructed to circle back on the 6 any time they were at the front of the group for 50-100 yards.  This would ensure we finish each lap as a group. …

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BackBlast 7-7-21 – Numbers work good…

7-7-21 – Numbers work good…

Conditions Muggy, low 70’s.  Elsa on the way! Last week I had to forego my Q coming back from vacay and work was insane.  Thanks to Lombardi for picking up my slack.  So I bumped to this week, and looking at the date, came up with a nice little WOD.  Here it goes: 1 minute …

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BackBlast Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Bling sends out the message yesterday asking what’s the plan. Not having one, or the interest to Q, I respond miles and a WOD or two. Guess that means I’m on the hot seat to Q. After getting a rough idea of the number of pax that would show up i sent a request for …

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BackBlast Waverucker Birthday VQ

Waverucker Birthday VQ

AO Waverucker Conditions: 70s dry and lower humidity Well the big day was finally here! Not only my VQ at Waverucker which is an awesome AO that provides an excellent 1.5 hour beat down and offers lots of options but also my birthday Q.  I arrived to find Headgear at the AO as if he …

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BackBlast F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

AO: Warthog-Region-wide 6 year Anniversary Convergence Conditions: Excellent Date: June 12, 2021 Time: 7:00 am The THANG: Calling all Secret Studs & Clowncar Buds, Calling all missing Kotters & Half-ass Squaters; Calling all OG’s & Friendly Newbies; Calling All PAX with Respect & the Usual Suspects   It’s time to shut down every AO but …

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WaveRucker No Name Needed… Just Rucking

No Name Needed… Just Rucking

Hello Boys!! I tried to go under the radar and signed up to Q a while ago when i was still up in Quantico.  Hoping to bring the heat to the ruckers.  I’m back for a couple weeks so you should see me pop up on the Q sheet before I head to California.  Anyways, …

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BackBlast Wet, Hard Men!

Wet, Hard Men!

Conditions Amazing from 0430-0540; then the bottom fell out. There was a very very high likelihood of rain when the men were checking yesterday.  Well, when Boxcar was checking.  So, to encourage numbers I had an alternate deck Q planned.  But when the weather was amazing at first, I went with Plan A, which was …

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BackBlast Jetah’s Wicked Awesome Q

Jetah’s Wicked Awesome Q

YHC finally bit the Q bullet, and would like to thank the aforementioned PAX for joining him on a wonderful spring morning. We started with a 3 mile mosey around the pond, during which I learned how many laps it takes to get 3 miles. During our semi-weekly mileage there was a little chatter and …

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BackBlast Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

The men of Waverucker have been getting after it with some amazing beatdown the past few weeks. Not wanting to get anyone hopes up for another amazing beatdown this morning, I gave a pre-disclaimer that I had nothing planned and would be making this Q up as I went along, oh and to please bring …

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BackBlast Stretching the legs

Stretching the legs

With our upcoming GrowRuck weeks away at the end of April, the Waverucker crew has been pushing on the gas with intense workouts- not only on Wednesdays, but Monday at EM as well.  This Grandstrand crew will be ready to tackle whatever the Cadres throw at us in a few weeks!  With that in mind, …

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