BackBlast Jetah’s Wicked Awesome Q

Jetah’s Wicked Awesome Q

YHC finally bit the Q bullet, and would like to thank the aforementioned PAX for joining him on a wonderful spring morning. We started with a 3 mile mosey around the pond, during which I learned how many laps it takes to get 3 miles. During our semi-weekly mileage there was a little chatter and …

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BackBlast Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

The men of Waverucker have been getting after it with some amazing beatdown the past few weeks. Not wanting to get anyone hopes up for another amazing beatdown this morning, I gave a pre-disclaimer that I had nothing planned and would be making this Q up as I went along, oh and to please bring …

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BackBlast Stretching the legs

Stretching the legs

With our upcoming GrowRuck weeks away at the end of April, the Waverucker crew has been pushing on the gas with intense workouts- not only on Wednesdays, but Monday at EM as well.  This Grandstrand crew will be ready to tackle whatever the Cadres throw at us in a few weeks!  With that in mind, …

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BackBlast Modified / Modified “Robbie Miller” Hero WOD

Modified / Modified “Robbie Miller” Hero WOD

Conditions: Low 50s, light rain just finished, and foggy. Been awhile for this old man to take the Q at #Waverucker (WR), but YHC/QIC wanted to do his part in leading the studley #WR crew as well as preparing himself and others for the SC-GrowRuck #22.  A few weeks ago some of our Pax honored …

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BackBlast Adam Brown – 3/17/10

Adam Brown – 3/17/10

Conditions Actually, pretty perfect.  Wet ground. Rain held off.  Mid 50’s The other week I finished reading: “Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown“ This was an incredible read.   Absolutely amazing story of a truly good, faithful, dedicated man who made the ultimate sacrifice serving this country.  …

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BackBlast Rucking is Wicked Fun

Rucking is Wicked Fun

Monday morning while getting ready for #ElevationMonday YHC ran across a FB post on the GORUCK Tribe page asking about ruck groups in Myrtle Beach.  We traded texts and he was all in on joining us for #WaveRucker – he just needed a weight and a ride.  A couple quick texts later and Fergie volunteered …

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BackBlast Flip the Script

Flip the Script

AO: Hulkamania Everywhere Conditions: 65 degrees, sunny, calm After a 4 hr Ruck it was time for P200 training. Earlier in the week, Hamburglar & YHC sent out an invitation to all PAX who had signed up for GrowRuck training to join our run. The plan was to complete the GrowRuck and then see how …

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BackBlast First Waverucker Q

First Waverucker Q

I was at the Warhog Qed by Wolverine a few weeks ago and Hoser asked if I wanted to Q waverucker. I hadn’t thought about it, I mostly have trouble getting through the workout, but I said sure. It is the last ruck before Valvano makes everyone quit rucking on the 27th so why not. …

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BackBlast HulkaRucker


AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Clear. 39 degrees.  Big change from yesterday’s 60 degrees but not negative temps like PAX elsewhere are facing..and posting in. It was my turn to Q WaveRucker and it is extremely hard to follow up on the last several WaveRucker Qs and recent GrowRuck22 training.  Valvano, OneCall, Bling and Hoser know how …

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BackBlast Head Games

Head Games

Head games, it’s you and me baby Head games, and I can’t take it anymore Head games, I don’t wanna play the Head games Name the group Waverucker crew!  This Classic rock band is still kicking in 2021!  As One Call and I were drinking smooth whiskey one night, while listening to this above band, …

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