Gotta Run

Gotta Run

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Bling, BoxCar, Lombardi, Tiny Dancer, Fergie, Jeter, Headgear

The Thang:

A few weeks ago YHC got the completely stupid idea to sign up for the F3 Custom HTL at the end of June.  Luckily, I was also able to convince Headgear and Bling the join in (ha… suckers…).  YHC then got pulled into an HTL training group with F3 PAX across the Southeast hosted by Joe Baker Fitness.  Great workouts are posted daily and since misery loves company, I’ve been posting these a pre-workouts.  I was stunned when 7 PAX showed up Saturday for a 6.5mile preruck with 130 squats and 260 lunges worked in.  Monday’s prescribed workout was the APFT test (2 mins max merkins, 2 minutes max BBSU, 2 mile run).  As miserable as the preruck sounded Saturday, YHC was dreading the running even more and figured the PAX would too.  Again though, YHC pulled into the Hulk parking lot to see 7 PAX milling around at 0420 ready to get started.  It’s so awesome to have the extra accountability and fellowship of true #HIM while training and #accelerating!  Also, if you haven’t already, read Headgear’s #Warthog BB from Saturday for a full rundown of the #acceleration throughout the region!

For added accountability, my APFT results and change since last Monday:  Merkins – 51 (+3); BBSU – 49 (+4); Run 16:24 (+0:04)

As the APFT started to wrap up Tiny Dancer looked over at YHC and said “Gotta Run”.  No, not another couple miles.  To the Kangaroo up the road.  Apparently the spacious handicap accessible porta-john at the Hulk was not quite up to his standards.  (Turns out the Kangaroo wasn’t much better – shocker!)  TD told us to go on and he’d catch up with us shortly.

All PAX rucked up and grabbed their sandbags for the 0.75 miles up and over the bridge.  At the bottom we dropped bags and rucks for 3 rounds of fun:

Round 1: Rucks only – worn on front
Ruck to 50m mark, 1 squat, ruck to 100m, 2 squats, ruck to 150m, 3 squats, … up to 350m, 7 squats
Keep ruck on front and head back down to the start. Tiny Dance caught up with us around the 200m mark and joined in.

Round 2: Sandbags only
Same idea – at 50m, 1 clean and toss, 100m, 2 clean and toss, … up to 350m, 7 clean and toss
This one was a smoker, so YHC opted to leave sandbags at the top and recovery walk down to the 100m then mosey to the bottom

Round 3: Slick
Sprint to 50m, 1 merkin, sprint to 100m, 2 merkins, … up to 350m, 7 merkins
Mosey back down to the start

YHC had one more round in mind, but time was slipping by, so a quick modification was made to everyone’s delight: redo the APFT test
2 mins max merkins, 2 min max BBSU

12 minutes left for the 0.75 miles back up and over.  Grabbed rucks, picked up the sandbags at the top, and got back to the trucks at 0601

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 8
–  Freed to Bleed
–  GrowRuck – SIGN UP
–  12 mile ruck on 3/20 @ 0400 – meet at Lowes Food off International – Lombardi will send PreBlast
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