Bring an FNG or put your running shoes on

Bring an FNG or put your running shoes on

Workout Date:



Hot Tub


Skimmer,Buffet,Skid Mark,Box Car,Kitten(Meow),Sunshine,Rubber(FNG)

The Thang:

Conditions-Dark and 54 degrees

YHC sent a out a tweet the night before and told the PAX they had an option of what type of Q they’ed do.  Bring an FNG or put on your running shoes.  Considering we only had runners show up tells me the others didn’t have much confidence that an FNG would show.

After YHC, Sunshine was the first to arrive and told me he had an FNG showing up.  The Q was set.  The rest of the PAX must have been hanging out together around the corner as they all showed up at the same time along with Kitten who did a little extra work with a run in from the Hulk.

After a text in the final minutes before the bell rang showing a picture of his speedometer(for legal purposes I will not divulge the number) our FNG arrived in front of a hint of a burning rubber smell.

Disclaimer was given and we got the party started with some explanations of our motives and procedures to our FNG


SSH x20 IC

TTT x20 IC

Windmill x15 IC

LB Arm Circles forward and backwards x20 IC

Cherry Pickers x20 IC

Merkins x20 IC

Indian Run long ways around to the back corner of soccer fields.


Mini Dora-Partner Up

50 burpies, 150 squats, 200 LBC’s.  One PAX exercise while the other PAX sprints 50 yds and back

Plank on the six then PAX bear crawls 50yds, karaoke 25yds, other side karaoke 25yds and spring to the shovel flag

YHC did not account for such a fit group including the FNG so we had 19 minutes to fill.

One more full mosey around ending up on the basketball court

Thang 2

Elevens-Merkins and BBSU

Apparently some of the PAX had just experience this same punishment earlier in the week and were still suffering from a raw and sensitive Tuchus.  Groans and modification were prevalent but all completed and got better.

Mary-PAX Choice

Box cutters

Flutter Kicks


Plank Jacks

Star Gazers-yep

One other that Sunshine led but after the star gazers I think I fell asleep




Welcome Rubber!!

Announcements:Dragon Boat Sign Up, Mud Run Columbia May 2018, FNG Day Saturday at Bombsquad,

YHC prayed us out

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead a great group of men.




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