3rd Annual Halloween Costume Convergence

3rd Annual Halloween Costume Convergence

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf, Quaker, GrassPatch, Beaker



The Thang:

Saturday 10/28 at Warthog

  • 0630 – 3rdF Bible Study Q’ed by Beaker (bring a Bible)
  • 0700 – Beatdown
  • Coffeeteria to follow at The Roasted Bean


All other AOs will be closed, but this workout will be Q’ed by the 4 AOQs that have (or had before recently being killed) Saturday workouts, so come out and support your AOQ!!!

Wear your best costume or tacky tank top! If you don’t, one will be provided for you. The more ridiculous, the better!

Go ahead and HC in the comments below. Let’s top 40 PAX this year.


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