F3 Combatives Program (Judo)

F3 Combatives Program (Judo)

Workout Date:





All!!! and 2.0's

The Thang:

Q: Rousey, with help from new 1st F Q High Interest

Who: All PAX – all fitness levels – no experience necessary

When: Saturdays with 2 times.
1) 6 – 7 am in tandem with regular bootcamp
2) 8:30 – 9:30 am right after Coffeteria to involve interested 2.0s.

Where: Bombsquad AO

Plan: Low impact alternative workout with substantive self-defense techniques primarily through a beginners level of Judo. Weather permitting, we’ll work PAX through building blocks of Ne Waza (ground work) and introduction to Nage Waza (throwing).

Warm Up/COP & COT together with regular bootcampers (6 – 7am time slot). HC’s would be great to better plan the workout, but not necessary.  Slack message Rousey with HC.  If no show occurs, Q can ruck or do regular bootcamp. If weather is problematic, PAX can do different combative (ex. boxing, hapkido, stick work, ninja trainging, etc.).

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