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Brothers. If you have been involved with F3 for any period of time, you more than likely have heard of this thing called rucking. Where besides doing the normal bootcamp workout, these crazy brothers of yours get up even earlier in the gloom and will ruck (walk with a weighted backpack) about 3-4 miles then stay for the workout. Some of these crazy souls and gluttons for punishment may even wear their ruck during a workout. They do this because someone somewhere invited them to do a GORUCK event. At this event they were joined with other like minded weirdos and depending on the event spent anywhere from 4-13 hours rucking, doing ruck WODs and carrying extra heavy stuff and they are now hooked and want to become better.

If you would like to join us at a GORUCK event but don’t know how to start training for it, you have a perfect opportunity right here. Team Spearhead has developed a rucking training program called PATHFINDER, and their next class is getting ready to start and will run from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31. What is PATHFINDER? The SPEARHEAD PATHFINDER program is a 12 week plan developed to help individuals meet their training goals and prepare for events. This program is an individual commitment, taken on at your own risk (don’t sue us). Completing PATHFINDER will require dedication and self-discipline. The bulk of this program focuses on rucking; specifically distance and speed. Ruck More is what you always hear from the cadre as the best way to prepare for a GORUCK event, and PATHFINDER embraces that philosophy. Not only will PATHFINDER help prepare you physically, but it will help to teach you important skills such as navigation, pace and distance estimation, leadership, and teamwork.

Leadership, fellowship, and teamwork are major components of PATHFINDER. We encourage you to complete every single ruck mile with your teammates; however, the program is designed to be able to be completed individually if you prefer. I have been involved with PATHFINDER for almost a year. I believe in this training so much that I am a Course Advisor for this training. We have had several local F3 brothers complete PATHFINDER Training and are coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. There are different levels depending on your experience.

More information can be found here: We were given a discount code to take 20% off of the Forward and Endure levels. The code is 013F3MYRTLE. I hope that you will consider this training and selecting me as your Course Advisor. I get no kickbacks from this. I just want everyone to get a chance to stand face to face with the voices in their head telling them to stop, that this is crazy and to punch the voice in the throat, shut it up and crush the boundaries you thought you had. I hope you guys will consider this training and join me for class 013.


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