It’s all fun and games until someone blows chunks

It’s all fun and games until someone blows chunks

Workout Date:





Brandon (R), Gable, Mole Man, Ringo (2xR), Pole Dancer (R), FNG Chunks

The Thang:

Kiwi needed someone to step in for him due to his back injury, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity for my Sharknado VQ (which was originally schedule for 8/8/22. Since I didn’t know these PAX, their fitness level, or what exercises they were familiar with, I wanted to have a flexible plan, and I think it paid off to create quite a fun morning.

I arrived early to get a lay of the land and do some light stretching, then as time came near to start, I thought for a moment that it might just be a party of one. Just in the nick of time, 6 PAX show up, I’m about to give one minute warning but my watch says 5:15, it’s go time.

We started off with Hairy Rockettes (which I received funny looks (not the first time that morning)), the proceeded through the usual warm up activities: through the tunnel, windmills, arm circles, cherry pickers, SSH.

Throughout warmup, we discussed the mission and 5 core principles. Brandon wanted to close out the warmup with some burpees, the wish was granted.


INDIAN RUN (more funny looks) – Since the parking space is shaped like an “L”, we did a little boomerang Indian run back to the blocks

Block COP – We circled up and each chose an exercise to do with the block: overhead press, tricep extension, curl, row, squat, etc.

RUN THE LINES (more funny looks) – PAX followed me as we went up and down the parking lot lines, mosey, bear crawl, karaoke, sprint. As we finished one side of the parking lot, the PAX verbalized that they were ready to do something else, but we can’t forget the other half of the parking lot! We switched to:

INDIAN RUN THE LINES – An activity of my own making, where the person in the front of the line chooses how to get across the line, then at the end, goes to the back of the line, then the next person chooses the next line. All PAX got a turn, it was fitting that Mole Man picked up my joke about stargazing and chose a stargaze slow mosey for his turn (just as Billy Blanks did a few months ago).

DORA – The boys hadn’t heard of a DORA, so we simply had to do it. They looked a little tired, we were running out of time, but we had to try. Partner up, 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 SSH, had to finish a little early to put blocks away and circle up.

Count O Rama / Name O Rama

I was gauging the beatdown off of the Respect and 2x Respect PAX and didn’t realize that the FNG wearing jeans to the workout wasn’t feeling so good. As we circled up, he wandered off to the woods to blow some CHUNKs, while someone had the idea for his F3 name. When he returned, we had him go to center of circle, learned a little bit about him, but his fate had already been chosen.

Welcome F3 Chunks!!

Prayers and praises shared in the BoM

Great AO led by our local legend Kiwi, get your Sharknado VQ in now. Do you think you’ll regret showing some support to fellow PAX? Not a chance.