BackBlast 4 Corners Facedown

4 Corners Facedown

YHC arrived early to scope the site and get in a 15 min. Pre Run. Temperature was 64 and balmy for early March. As we approached start time I announced a 1 minute warning. Odouls began the mumblechatter by sharing his opinion that my watch was off by 2 minutes and time was wasting. Since …

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BackBlast Stronger Together

Stronger Together

The Thang: Conditions: The temp was just right for a beatdown…57 and clear. YHC had planned to get some running/cardio into this beatdown… I don’t enjoy running but Im training for an adventure race and I needed a motivator to make it happen. COP 20-HARRY ROCKETTES  IC 15 – C. PICKERS  IC 15-LBAC  IC 15 …

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BackBlast Imagine Welsh Dragons

Imagine Welsh Dragons

Date: 2/2/23 Conditions: A little misty and cool but great for a beatdown. Its been a while since I have been back to Catapult especially given my travel schedule and Sharknado keeping me pretty busy. I have also been supporting Fergie over at Warthog since the mothership’s numbers have been a little low. Super glad …

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BackBlast Coupons In The Dark

Coupons In The Dark

Warm Up 20 H.Rockettes 20 LBAC F 20LBAC R 15 Merkins w/Stretch 15 TTT 15 Windmills 10 Burpees ( In Honor of Cardinal) MOSEY to street & loop back to coupon Pile for Coupons In The Dark 25 Curl OYO 25 OHP 25 Bent Rows Colt 45 15 – Tempo Merkins MOSEY to parking lot …

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Conditions: clear and cool, mid-50s. Pretty much optimal beatdown temps, imho. Pulled in pretty close to start time and all but a couple PAX were dressed in red in honor of Taylor Phelps, F3 Cardinal, who died yesterday while on Q at The Fort. One minute warning was given and at start time, mission statement …

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BackBlast No Allman Brothers

No Allman Brothers

Conditions: Colder than expected, but clear and still. COP Capri Lap 15 Hairy Rockettes, IC 10 Willie Mayes Hayes 15 Thru The Tunnel 15 Tempo Squats 15 Imperial Walkers Bat Wings, IC 20 Side Straddle Hops The Thang Musical Dora Round One Windmill Merkins (Start Me Up, Rolling Stones) Side Straddle Hops (Jumpin Jack Flash, …

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BackBlast Discipline produces a harvest of righteousness!

Discipline produces a harvest of righteousness!

Weather-60 degree’s with a blood moon 5:13 2 minutes waning called Proper F3 Disclaimer COP 20 SSH IC 15 TTT IC 15 Windmills IC 5 Burpees OYO LBAC forward/backwards Shoulder claps Squat Airpresses TIME TO WORK Mosey around the facility–15 dips/15 step ups followed by 20 dips / 20 step ups IC Indian run back …

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BackBlast Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Yesterday for YHC was spent trying to stay awake at the office and stretching out sore and tired muscles and joints after a weekend in DC finishing the Marine Corps Marathon with Bling. Mid-afternoon I decided to update my sheet for the 1stF Challenge, which had taken a beating being DR for the last week …

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BackBlast Sledgehammer


I’ve been with F3 for almost a year and a half and maybe Q-ed 15 times, and today was my first rain Q. 5:11 came around and the list of Pax included…. Me. Thankfully, 3 other dedicated souls rolled in. Thanks to Tandem, O’douls and First Base for the support and camaraderie. When you’re under …

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BackBlast Catapult CFT training

Catapult CFT training

Conditions: 55F, Clear, No Wind. Great workout weather for 10 Pax. I decided utilize this Q to force the innocent Pax bystanders to train with me for an upcoming Marine combat fitness test. The fireman carry was particularly dreaded (but could be modified down with buddy drag or lunges). Great job by Pax for trying …

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