BackBlast PT-109…sort of

PT-109…sort of

AO: Timeshare Conditions: clear. warm Picked up the Timeshare Q after getting a commitment from our FNG with the possibility of two FNGs. Its been a while since YHC has Q’d at Timeshare and the possibility of two FNGs made for some excitement! Did YHC mention that these two potential FNGs are NCAA D1 wrestling …

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Sharknado It’s all fun and games until someone blows chunks

It’s all fun and games until someone blows chunks

Kiwi needed someone to step in for him due to his back injury, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity for my Sharknado VQ (which was originally schedule for 8/8/22. Since I didn’t know these PAX, their fitness level, or what exercises they were familiar with, I wanted to have a flexible plan, …

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BackBlast The Texas Quaker IR Special

The Texas Quaker IR Special

AOBombSquad Conditions: 50s, Cool and clear Well I am finding out that it gets easier and easier to pick up a random injury as I get older. Sure enough, picked up a little shoulder thing this past week. Not wanting to further prolong my comeback by injuring myself further, I reached out to some fellow pax …

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Condition, a little too cold for me at 37 degrees and brisk! Thank God for thermals!   Disclaimer about two minutes late because I brought some jams to play during the workout and I forgot to tie my shoes until right at 0600.   Beatdown starts with the COP   15 Through the tunnel   …

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BackBlast 2021 Halloween Convergence!!!

2021 Halloween Convergence!!!

HALLOWEEN CONVERGENCE!!! So apparently our fearless FIRST F Q was supposed to run this workout, but “had to work”.  Headgear messaged me last night asking if I could take the Q, as he promised to help warm up the packs (apparently w/ death by shoulders).  I agreed and just realized I had the honor of …

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BackBlast “What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

“What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

AO: BombSquad Conditions: Perfect YHC has been MIA for over 2 months due to work commitments and Covid so getting back in the Gloom has been a struggle not only physically but also mentally. With that said, YHC was looking forward to Qing. Because I lost my fitness over the past few months, YHC had …

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BackBlast New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

Beautiful Gloom 68 & Clear sky’s NEW AO LAUNCH? Time will tell! Expansion Q North is my mission, so let’s get it started! Today the AO was at Faith Church off highway 90, where I am a part of the congregation! Awesome church, made up of incredible folks. I have been attending 1 year now …

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ThePlank Jetah’s Soup Sandwich

Jetah’s Soup Sandwich

Got word from Dad (actual real deal biological one!) that he would be heading down to the strand to check on me, and I had the hotshot idea to EH him into the cool kids club, at the plank. I pinged Castaway about Q’in if dad committed, and when he did, I committed. I probably …

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BackBlast Rainy Blocks

Rainy Blocks

AO: Catapult PAX: 11 Conditions:  75 degrees, rain half way through YHC arrived early to go through game plan. Our fearless leader (AOQ), O’douls, showed up followed by a suburban packed filled of The Oyster PAX. Came out to support a FNG that lives close to the AO. Awesome. Looked like we were going to …

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Warthog 11, 9, 7, 5

11, 9, 7, 5

1 minute warning Disclaimer given The THANG COP SSH x 25 IC Imperial Walkers x 15 IC Plank position – YHC asked the PAX to share the F3 Mission Statement for our FNG, which was stated perfectly by Karma 10 Merkins IC Plank position – 5 Core Principles were called out by PAX 10 Merkins …

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