BackBlast Where’d Jeter Come From?

Where’d Jeter Come From?

Conditions 75 degrees with 100% humidity 1 minute Disclaimer given The THANG Grab rucks and sandbags and head to the track.  For this movement PAX were instructed to circle back on the 6 any time they were at the front of the group for 50-100 yards.  This would ensure we finish each lap as a group. …

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BackBlast EM to the best of my recollection … I’m tired

EM to the best of my recollection … I’m tired

YHC has been admittedly lazy (and overwhelmed at work) since completing the F3 Custom HTL two weeks ago (check FB for an awesome video and tons of pictures to see all of the amazing men and events you missed out on!).  As a matter of accountability to myself and to ensure I could survive the …

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BackBlast Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Myrtle Beach Cloverleaf

Bling sends out the message yesterday asking what’s the plan. Not having one, or the interest to Q, I respond miles and a WOD or two. Guess that means I’m on the hot seat to Q. After getting a rough idea of the number of pax that would show up i sent a request for …

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BackBlast Return to the gloom….

Return to the gloom….

Conditions: Clear 70 ish perfect YHC has been down all week with some form of flying elvis condition that rendered me idle to be of any use in the gloom! Not fun or enjoyable needless to say but said anyway, cause I am complaining I missed the gloom for those said events! Return to the …

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WaveRucker No Name Needed… Just Rucking

No Name Needed… Just Rucking

Hello Boys!! I tried to go under the radar and signed up to Q a while ago when i was still up in Quantico.  Hoping to bring the heat to the ruckers.  I’m back for a couple weeks so you should see me pop up on the Q sheet before I head to California.  Anyways, …

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BackBlast Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

Like Throwing a Hotdog down a Hallway

The men of Waverucker have been getting after it with some amazing beatdown the past few weeks. Not wanting to get anyone hopes up for another amazing beatdown this morning, I gave a pre-disclaimer that I had nothing planned and would be making this Q up as I went along, oh and to please bring …

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ElevationMonday Gotta Run

Gotta Run

A few weeks ago YHC got the completely stupid idea to sign up for the F3 Custom HTL at the end of June.  Luckily, I was also able to convince Headgear and Bling the join in (ha… suckers…).  YHC then got pulled into an HTL training group with F3 PAX across the Southeast hosted by …

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BackBlast Rucking is Wicked Fun

Rucking is Wicked Fun

Monday morning while getting ready for #ElevationMonday YHC ran across a FB post on the GORUCK Tribe page asking about ruck groups in Myrtle Beach.  We traded texts and he was all in on joining us for #WaveRucker – he just needed a weight and a ride.  A couple quick texts later and Fergie volunteered …

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BackBlast #Grow200 Training

#Grow200 Training

AO: Village Conditions: High 30s and clear The Village is host to a variety of beasts. We have guys training for the upcoming Grow Ruck, we have guys training for the P200 and some other events and yet they all come through the Village to push each other to accelerate. Thinking about something to challenge …

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BackBlast A Return to Normalcy

A Return to Normalcy

The normal climate has returned to the Grand Strand Region. At least for a little bit, and the 7 pax that showed up this morning took full advantage of it. With the 63 degree morning it allowed pax to to pull out thier shorts and t-shirts and shed the 10 pounds of extra clothes that …

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