Jetah’s Soup Sandwich

Jetah’s Soup Sandwich

Workout Date:



Jetah (sorta)


Castaway, Headgear, Brown Bag (respect) Quaker, Sunshine, Dad/FNG/Buckna, Rubber, Jetah, Hot Tub

The Thang:

Got word from Dad (actual real deal biological one!) that he would be heading down to the strand to check on me, and I had the hotshot idea to EH him into the cool kids club, at the plank. I pinged Castaway about Q’in if dad committed, and when he did, I committed. I probably should have confirmed the start time, but lessons learned. To ease dad into the awesomeness I came up with something simple like four corners, and when we rolled in a few minutes late to the plank, we found the group warmed up by the AOQ himself Castaway (they give away those roles). We started with a couple laps, then some simple americans, in one corner, then some burpees, and squats in the next. Mosey down the field with intermittent stops to up the mericans count to the next set of corners, where we did some carolina drydocks and some amhs, then the last corner where we performed some flutters and something else. Running out of ideas, I performed some 21st century ingenuity by crowdsourcing the workout on the fly from the pax that were present. We received contributions like hand release mericans, and more burpees. Quaker wrapped it up with some full suicides. Once we hit the endex time, we circled and got the joy of bestowing on dad his F3 name Buckner. Prayers go out to my Aunt Terry for her health issues, Brown Bag’s sister Nancy with onset of Covid, and Beefsteak’s family. Praise goes out to the strand, and all he we are blessed with day to day.

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