Boxcar vs Brownbag – Q vs Q

Boxcar vs Brownbag – Q vs Q

Workout Date:



Boxcar & Brownbag


Humpback, Skidmark, Kitten, Headgear, Quaker, Skimmer, The Intern, War Eagle, Red Coat, Bling, Sunshine, Boxcar and Brownbag

The Thang:

The weather was perfect, mid 50’s slight breeze.


Up next the Q vs Q challenge, young vs old, Cinderella vs #16 seed,  pretty vs well you know…

Seriously the past three Q vs Q challenges have been some of the best workouts as of late. Everyone is pushing hard and trying their best. Not recommended that any FNG’s attend these events.

As I arrive at the Village, I noticed a few cars in the lot, one being brownbag’s. He is never early. The only thing I can think of is that being over 50, he had to get up early to use the bathroom and he figured while he was awake he better get his workout together. My preparation was done early and I was ready to rock my AOQ. We flipped a coin, and already Brownbag lost. I deferred and allowed the respect to go first.


I came ready and tried to bring something unique to the table. Here we go:

Bling lead us with a great warm up – as well as some good Mumble Chatter as only Bling can do.


Brownbag’s Workout –

Safety Dance Burpee’s – 45 to be exact. It was fun, but really pretty lame. This song took BB back to his college days.

We did some flutter kicks, mountain climbers, american hammers and plank jacks. It was really original. This must have took a lot of thought. We then go right in to another classic 90’s song “I get knocked down”, the Intern wasn’t even born as this song came out. Quaker on the other hand couldn’t stop singing.


Round 1 – Remember March Madness

Partner Up

100 – Bobby Hurley’s – 25 per set as your partner is holding foul shot (changed the name) basically Al Gore, but in foul shot form

100 Charles Barkley’s (squats) as partner holds low plank

200 Air Jordan’s (Rocky Balboa) – Partner doing LBC’s

100 Zion’s (for our SC stud playing at Duke) (shoulder taps) – Partner does air presses


Back to Brownbag – It started out like an 8th grade track meet, but then it took a sudden turn. We had to hold a baton which was definitely different, then I look over and Sunshine has it between his butt cheeks.

We did a bear crawl, we ran backwards, sprinted forward and then a potato sack race. At this point, I heard PAX say, is this over yet? We need more Boxcar. We did a quick sprint to the coupons did some 45’s and that was that.


Round 2

Partner Up

64 Merkins (Yes Merkins Quaker) – each partner does 32 – Off partner is doing Rick Mahorn’s (J Lo’s)

32 Big Boys with a partner – As you sit up you high 5

Sweet 16 – Flutter kicks in Cadence

Elite 8 – Burpees

Final 4 – Monkey Humpers in Cadence

Championship – Two Manmakers


Finally – we had enough time for some trivia – I came up with about 25 Division 1 colleges that have previously played in the NCAA tournament. Each PAX started with SSH as I went around the circle, I yelled out a college/university and I had to be told their nickname. If they got it incorrect all PAX had to do a Burpee. I will throw Red Coat out for not knowing Penn State’s nickname, but hey he is from England. He is use to a different football.


All in all, what a fun day. Thanks to my Waterway Palms neighbor Brownbag for a good push and being a good sport. Always and honor to lead. F3 has been a true blessing for me.

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