Coupons at O.D.

Coupons at O.D.

Workout Date:






The Thang:

Conditions Cool – Nice

Haven’t done a back-blast for a while and i’m feeling like I’m not fulfilling my obligations so here it is.

5:15 Disclaimer given. Got started then Honeydon’t rolls in.

20 SSH IC, 20 TTT IC, 20 IW’s IC, on your six – 20 FK’s IC, Plank – 20 Mountain Climbers IC. LBAC’s forward,reverse, Morocon Night Clubs, O Claps IC.  Time to roll.

I reveal the Cinder block coupons which we grabbed from the back of my truck.  Let’s Mosey to the Horshoe at Ocean Blvd.

DIEGO which is like Dora 1,2,3 but harder.

100 Merkins while partner runs lap around OD parking lot. together complete 100

150 OH Press with block. :-/

200 LBC’s (no block)

250 Block Curls.  Arms feeling like Rubber after completion.

300 Squats with Block.  Unable to complete all 300 due to time constraints.

Back to AO. Prayers out for Burgundy’s family and foster child Tristen who will be leaving their family end of month. Also to Randy who has late stages of lung Cancer.

Thanks Burgundy for praying us out and all the good you do.

Always a pleasure to lead.







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