DR Pax went for a Timeshare Tour…

DR Pax went for a Timeshare Tour…

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Quaker (Respect), Brown Bag (Respect), Viagra (Respect), Beaker, Chief, Chicken Little, Snyder (DR Winston Salem), Mainframe (DR The Fort), Lightyear (The Capital), Atari (DR Seattle), Hello Kitty (DR Nation/Carpex), Red Baron (DR Snacktown), Average Joe (DR Memphis)

The Thang:

What a glorious morning in the Grandstrand.  72* and a “little” humid.  After yesterday’s thunderstorms, this morning turned out beautiful.

I arrived at the AO about 10 Minutes early and had a few pax already onsite.  As we waited for our regulars, DR Pax seemed to be crawling out of the woodwork.  We had 14 PAX this morning 7 of which were from all across the nation, Seattle- DC to down here in the dirty south.  Most of the DR pax this was their first time at Timeshare, so i decided to take everyone on a wonderful tour of the AO.

Warmup-  25 x SSH IC, 5 Merkins OYO, 20 x IW IC , 5 Merkins OYO, 15 x Tempo Squat IC, 5 Merkins OYO, LBAC FWD x 15 IC, LBAC RWD x 15 IC, OHC x 15 IC

Line up- High Knees 25 Yds/ Butt Kicks Back, Face The Beach Karaoke Down and Back, Lunge Walk/ Toy Soldier Back

Blood is pumping time to mosey…. First we run down and around the corner to the big parking lot for some PYLON stepups.  Everyone in line follow the leader style all the way to the end.  (If you havent done this, its and awesome leg burner), after the last pax is complete we mosey’d up to and around the park to the “Yoga Mat”.  Everyone on their Six:  Big Boy SU x 20 OYO, Heels to Heaven x 20 IC, Flutter Kicks x 20 IC…  Quick little ab workout to get the heart rate down and steady, now time to move.  Mosey over to the tennis courts:  Double Court Agassi’s (Suicides) with incremental Merkins at each line.  1st line 1 Merkin, 2nd line 2 Merkins ect….  all the way to 10.  Time to move again, we mosey’d around the pond all the way to the water fountain.  Partner up:  Partner A does stepups on fountain (continuous) while Partner B runs down around track to picnic area and completes 10 dips and returns.  We did 3 Sets of this.  We leave there and Indian run down to ocean blvd and back to start.  We picked up the pace on main street and hauled back.   We had about 8 mins left so circle up for some PAX Choice.  Average Joe- Merkins x 10, Red Baron- Side Planks IC x 10 (each side), Hello Kitty- Bohemian Rhapsody’s (We lost count as myself and a few pax started singing), Atari- Sorry forgot, Light Year- Sorry Forgot, Mainframe- Box Cutters x 10 IC then reverse x 10 IC (I recommended these become Box Tapers since were resealing the box! lmao), Snyder-Alabama Prom Dates???? x 10 IC (Not recommended with a 14yo girl present HAHA), Chicken Little- Crunchy Frogs x 10 IC, Beaker- Pretzel Crunch IC, Viagra finished us up with 5 Burpees OYO.

Announcements- Sasquatch CSAUP coming up/ Thursday 2nd F Grandstrand Brewing at 1830.

Prayer Requests- HUNGRY MAN needs your prayers, He hasn’t been to timeshare in a super long while, he was fighting leukemia and is currently in remission.  Needs a transplant to help keep it away so our thoughts are with him and his family.

Always an Honor to Lead




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