Masonry work at Timeshare

Masonry work at Timeshare

Workout Date:





Beaker, Cubby, Burgandy, Viagra QIC

The Thang:

Started promptly at 5:15. Cubby rolls in with minutes to spare.

20 IW’s IC,  20 Dirty Birds IC, 20 F Kicks IC, 20 Dolly IC, 20 Crunchy Frogs IC , 20 LBAC IC, 20 LBAC Reverse IC, 20 OC’s IC.

Told the men to come over to my truck where I revealed the coupons.  Yes that’s right, Cinder Blocks. You could feel the excitement in the air.

We then took our blocks for a short mosey across the street to parking lot.

First we did Colt 45.  Curls – 15 half curls, 15 midway to all the way up, 15 full curls.

I stated that I did not make this stuff up.  I sensed doubt.

Flora, not to be mistaken for Dora but similar.

100 Merkins – One pax does 10 Derkins while partner holds plank in Derkin position. alternate until complete.

200 LBC’s – One pax does 20 LBC’s while partner holds block raised over them. alternate until complete

300 Goblet Squats – One pax does 25 squats holding block while partner hold a sort of Al Gore while holding block. alternate until complete

Assorted grunts were heard.  The Plan worked..

Mosey to Horshoe at Ocn. Blvd.

10 Dirty Hookup’s OYO (In plank position, raise right hand to wall then left then right down then left. repeat

10 Donkey Kicks OYO (Plank position and kick both feet up to wall.

Time left for a little Mary.  5 Burpees OYO, 10 Hillbillies IC, 25 TTT IC.

Got better today.  Until next time..


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